Saturday, March 29, 2014

I've been sewing for me, now I want to sew for YOU! GIVEAWAY!

This is Week 4 30/30 Sewing Challenge Update, the final week of a month long challenge all about sewing for yourself.
Last week I told you how excited I was that I got a table for my sewing machine, this week was mostly spent cleaning up the downstairs area, re-arranging furniture and a whole lot of cleaning up to do.  So I only completed one project this week, the Meringue clutch from the "Big City Bags" Book.  I really dislike this bag, so even though I had originally created it for me, I will not be keeping it.
Sewed it all up on my new table
Wednesday- I cut the fabrics
Thursday - Ironed the Interfacings and some other fabric ironing
Friday - I sewed up the St. Patrick's Meringue Clutch
The little glass bead is from my trip to Ireland, this clutch is really stiff and I don't like it at all, will not be making this EVER again, if you really, really like it, I will send it to you :) Someone liked it and it will be flying to it's new home soon, good!
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March Finishes
Old Sewing Space, upstairs at the dining room table off of the kitchen, yes there have been a few oil splatters on my fabrics, oops.
I sew barefoot and always need a blanket under my feet, cold tile.
 Pictures of my new sewing space and then a giveaway at the bottom at the post.
Do you remember this picture from last week, this is the front of the house and the 2 windows and balcony doors to my sewing space.
Standing at the balcony door, you see my cutting table.
To the left is a bookcase and door to the upstairs.
The low (old coffee table) I will be re-purposing and making it into a large ironing board.
 All IKEA crap, awesome stuff!
This little side table is with my first color love, Stained glass, I made both pieces you see, the cabinet in a wood working class and the fish stained glass when I was living in Sacramento, CA.  We need to paint the cabinet, especially since the kids have drawn all over it, and I need to screw the doors on as soon as I find the little screws, I have had this upstairs for the past 7 years and I had the doors off since it was in the kids room as a book case and I didn't want them to break the glass, but now it is in MY SPACE!
 I made up some fabric bolts with guess what, canvas boards for painting!  I can find these cheap, 10 for $1 versus the comic boards which I can not find here.  I won't do all of my fabric but a few pieces for "show".

The rest of the room holds a bed and a sofa that can turn into a bed, we sleep down here during the summer.  I need to paint the walls, not sure what color yet.

I really want to Thank Sarah for hosting the 30/30 Challenge because I think it was all of my sewing that I was doing that finally pushed my husband into buying a table just for the sewing machine, Thanks Sarah.

Now I promised a giveaway, I have been dying to make fabric post cards and I need someone to send them to, would you like one?  I will send it to you for your birthday, or if your birthday was in January, February or March I will pick another holiday to send the card for.  Use the rafflecopter below for an easy entry just enter your birthday, mine is June 5th, you don't have to put the year if you don't want to ;)  I will be having another really big giveaway then and also another giveaway on April 14th, so if you want to keep updated make sure you hit the bloglovin' button.

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  1. Congrats on the new sewing space! I was so happy when we moved into a house and I have a room all to myself now for sewing instead of the dining room table. You will love having more space. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  2. It's wonderful to have a new sewing area. I follow you on bloglovin.

  3. I'm so happy for your new sewing space! You are a creative arranger. If you really want to give your bag away, I love it! and will add that Ireland is my heritage land; a friend brought be a little house-shaped bell from Ireland that I used for my current Isabella's Whimsy logo...are you convinced yet? I'll pay postage. :0) And I will proudly tell everyone that one of my 30/30 friends made it and sent it to me!
    Thank you.

  4. Sew exciting to get your sewing room redo! Lookin GOOD,

  5. Getting a new sewing space does mean a lot of work, but I know it was all so worth it! I think your bag looks adorable!

  6. I am so excited for you and your new sewing space! I hope you have many great sewing adventures and enjoy your time in your new space.

  7. yay! Your own sewing space! I love having my desk to sew--even though I have to hop into the laundry room for fabric, notions, and ironing...

  8. Awesome that you have your own sewing space now. May I suggest a pale shade of grey for the walls? I have that in my sewing room and it is a nice neutral for all that other color going on in there. Very soothing. Happy sewing to you.

  9. I "follow" your blog by having it in my blogroll (which is where I read from), if that doesn't count please take off that entry. Your new space is looking good--its wonderful to have a dedicated sewing space.

    1. Of course it counts, glad to have you follow along!

  10. Your idea of using canvas boards for your fabric is so smart. I'm going to have to look for them at the craft store. I've been intrigued by the idea of mini-bolts of fabrics, but I couldn't bring myself to spend money on the actual systems marketed for the purpose.

  11. I just put you on my Bloglovin list, so I clicked that I am a follower :)
    It is great to have a sewing space where you can close the door and not have to keep cleaning up!

  12. Hey, I have the same fabric on my cutting board! (hee hee)

    I just noticed I wasn't following you - Now I am! :-)

    Enjoy your new sewing space.

  13. How exciting to have a dedicated space for sewing! Using canvas boards for bolts is a great idea! Here is to many more hours of projects in your new sewing space.

    Love that cabinet with the stained glass,beautiful. I grew up west of Sacramento on Clear Lake!

  14. Maybe I goofed up when I sent my last comment as I see no others have added a birthdate, sorry about that. Patti

  15. love your new sewing space - very exciting for you :-)

  16. This is a fabulous sewing room, all that great sun light, the canvas boards are a great idea, Boards would just get in my way, I handle and play with my fabric to much. LOL... Later xo

  17. Your new sewing space looks so awesome, Mara! I laughed at all of your Ikea 'crap' furniture - my whole space is Ikea and garage sale finds! hahah. And I loved your little clutch! It's gorgeous!

  18. Hurray for your new dedicated space!!! I love it, Mara! Paint something bright and warm so it's warm in winter and sunny all year : )

  19. I think your bag is cute, but I totally understand how disappointing it is when you work hard on something & it doesn't turn out how you thought it might. Congrats for getting it done anyway & thanks for linking up!

    I enjoyed the tour of your sewing space and especially loved the bedside table, the fish mosaic and the beautiful fabrics!

    As for what color to paint the room, I would say a beautiful pastel yellow. I find that color so inspiring.

    xo -E

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