Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sewing for the kids!

The reason I started sewing was because I wanted to make my daughter some cute outfits.
My mom flew from America with a sewing machine in her overhead baggage, but it took me 2 years to pull it out and actually sew with it, when my daughter was born, something about little girls just makes you want me want to sew!  So of course she gets the majority of my sewn items, but every once in a while I will sew something up for my son, like this wallet.
This is the 5th Pirate's Treasure Wallet I have sewn up, this pattern is from Fenna of Fabulous Home Sewn, the first one was for my son, last year, and he loves it.
He thinks he is rich and uses it to buy himself treats, like ice cream above, he is also very sweet and even bought his sister a birthday present with "his own money" now those are quotes, because obviously the money is from me, lol!
The inside has 3 card slots, a clear vinyl slot (Nik likes to use this area to place his treasures) a zippered change pocket that comes in very handy, also a place to place bills (not going to happen).  He has used his little wallet so much, I have also sent all of the nephews one.  I thought I would sew up a new one for his first grade graduation present.
Graduation photo!
 See he is even holding his old one here, it goes everywhere with him, and it was time for a new one.

The month before I sewed up the Perfect Petal Purse a pattern also my Fenna from Fabulous Home Sewn.
adding extra long petals and an embroidered bee for the front.

Next up on my list is the long awaited Secret Garden Dress, I have had this pattern since the beginning before the designer named herself Audrey & Tiffany, and when she was selling it on Craftsy.
I've had these fabrics picked for the dress, well for ages, like I said, it's just my daughter is very hard to sew for since she is not a regular size so I have to fiddle with the patterns and it's kind of a pain, but this dress reminded me of butterflies and ladybugs (I have a second selection of fabrics with butterflies on them, so if this one works I will be making another one)
I hope to get to make this before the Canadian Pattern Designer Challenge ends, and if I do I will add the pictures here, but if not, just check out this dress it is a beauty and also check out all of the other Canadian Designers, you will recognize some of them I am sure!