Saturday, August 31, 2013

Giveaway Winners

The giveaway has ended and now for the winners to be announced first I drew for the wallet and ...
Bea Lee's comment came up: "I'd love the little wallet, SEW cute, of course I won't say no to fabric"
The wallet is yours Bea Lee.

So since she wanted the wallet the next person just so happened to want the fabric, perfect.
Delaine said "They are both wonderful prizes, but I would prefer the fabric and make the wallet myself"

I have e-mailed both of them, Congratulations ladies.

P.S. 2 new fun blog hops on the way and I believe both of them still have openings.

For all wool lover's go check out Denise at PIECED BRAIN for the Crazy About Wool blog hop.

and the lovely Madame Samm has made another fun hop.

Friday, August 30, 2013

August Finishes

In my list of August goals, I talked about finishing my hexagon quilt top - Done
 More about that here, by the way if you didn't enter the giveaway, there are a few more hours left.

Then I kinda went zipper crazy! (colors look much better in person)
All from the Etsy shop Zipit, use coupon code QUARTERINCHER for 15% off
 I mean you kinda need a lot of zippers if you want to make a triple zip pouch, 3 in fact.
 I had exhausted my local supplier of all of her "colorful zippers", but I did make these.
The first key one in the photo above is the correct size, I thought it was a little small, so then I made the second key one, but that was too big (I know sounds a lot like the nursery story) then I made the third one and that came out just right, lol. (size wise)
So then I made my partners triple zip for the flickr triple zip exchange.
Her favorite colors are orange and white
Using Boo Crew and Road 15 fabrics from Sweetwater (Thank God I had won those, because they were perfect for what she wanted).  I also made her a matching hexie wallet to hold her hexagons, since oddly enough out of the 70 plus players I knew her from my "Get Your Hex On" flickr bee.
Hexagon Wallet Holder
I sent that lovely package off this month.
I was also in the Sweet Treat Swap and made my partner something sweet and added a few treats, that bundle went off this week and has not arrived yet, so no pictures, it was my most expensive package sent to the USA so far, who knew chocolate weighed so much, her package weight 1.2 kilos or in other words 2.5 pounds.

I also sent a girlfriend of mine 3 different pouches to her.

The little pink and purple one is for her daughter.

And then the selvedge duo, (that's what I am calling them) are for her and the upcoming baby to use as quick diaper carriers.
ButtonMad button "Cute As a Button", perfect for a baby.
So see I have been just pushing out the pouches this month, ALL of these were made this month, exception the clutch in second picture above that was made for the AGF Texture Challenge, THAT I WON, hehe, okay no one is reading by now anyways, I can brag a little, they sent my swag prize package to me and I got it at the beginning of this month, Love AGF, the feel of their fabrics,, it does slip a little around when I cut, but lovely to work with .

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August Finishes

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I love Hexagons and a giveaway!

 Thank you Madame Samm and Debby Kratovil for another fun hop to be in!
 Here is the link to the whole schedule that Debby will be crowning us as hexie queens in the making
It all started last year when I made a block for the Traveling Pic Stitch blog hop, that block became a pillow for the In Your Words Blog Hop.  Shirley of Simple Sew saw my hexagon pillow and invited me to join the brand new flickr bee group "Get Your Hex On", my Queen bee month was March and I had the girls make up blocks with Daisy Janie organic fabric and vespa's from the organic Havana by Monaluna scoot fabric.
They did a fantastic job and I loved all of the blocks I received back.
3 of the blocks from the bee girls
I made these to match
I made a few corrections to these who knew I was so anal, color coordinated.
3 more blocks from my bee girls, I called these the modernista's blocks
my all time favorite block from flickr member MsSpy,
I got inspired by the block above and decided to "frame" all of the blocks.  The block above will get center attention as the show stopper on the back, I want the back to look like a front too :)  I just got my sewing machines quilting foot on Friday and plan on taking a class through Craftsy so I can finish up my second ever quilt and make it all nice and pretty.  Here is the Quilt top.

More pictures:
my husband drove up and took these 2 photos for me.

I had bribed one quilt holder with a balloon,
but the other quilt holder got distracted on our walk when we came across a wild tortoise, we have them all over the place.
Pets on Quilts, anyone?
 That helper took off with the tortoise.
my little ironing board
I hadn't realized how hard it would be to iron such a large project, now the quilting part really scares me, the quilt top came out at 42" x77" and that's not even very big, I don't know how people make queen and king sizes, amazing.

My other fun little hexie project lately has been making hexie wallets, not necessarily made out of hexagons but for carrying hexagons.
Kate Spain Fandango hexie wallet

Sweetwater boo crew hexie wallet

one side for square pieces of fabric

one side for completed basted hexagons

a safe felt place to keep a few needles
I would like to make you a hexie wallet!
out of the fabric used from my quilt
Organic Daisy Janie!
what the cover looks like, I am keeping the inside pockets a secret!
 but wait, I am giving away 2 prizes
a second person can win this lovely 
bundle of "scraps".
Just use the rafflecopter below to enter!  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Follow on Bloglovin

Make sure you visit all of the otlher lovely bloggers sharing the day with me today on
                                         Wednesday, August 21



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Large picture Origami Hexagami Pouch for a friend, find the tutorial on how to make the hexagami here.
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hexie Blog Hop Schedule

Starting next week is an awesome blog hop ALL ABOUT HEXAGONS!
I hope you join me for the fun.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August Goals

Well the first week of August is already gone, wow, that was fast.

I am working on several swaps, but my main thing, got a get done is my Hexagon Quilt top, I didn't do a darn thing to it last month, so I need to get crackin' for the Queen Hexie Blog Hop, and nothing gets a fire in my britches better than a deadline, ready, set, go!

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Stash

Do you have kids? and do they watch Lazy Town?

I recently got a package (on friday of course) and well this song that is sung by the character Stingy comes to mind.
"I caress it because I possess it, it's mine, mine, mine!"  (hope I got it correct)

I actually think this could become a motto for fabric hoarders, I caress it because I possess it!
Riley Blake Large Gingham
I won this lovely fabric bundle during the recent I love Tammy blog hop, hosted by Madame Samm of "Sew We Quilt".  

This is what I made and she is blogged about here.

She sent my package in a shiny red envelope, so it was like Christmas when the package arrived.  I immediately ripped into it down at KokaRoka and this is what was inside.
Riley Blake bundle of Large Gingham, Tokyo 4" charms and a spool of Aurifil and a spool of Gutterman thread, plus 2 balloons for the kids,that just so happened to be in Nik's favorite colors yellow and black, no picture of those they are down at KokaRoka.
Beautiful fabrics, that already have a purpose.
I love my Riley Blake bundle and it is going to be caressed and placed on a shelf that I am building just for it.  I don't think I will be able to take the Riley Blake ribbon off of it.
"It's all mine, I caress it because I possess it, It's all mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!"

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