Friday, August 30, 2013

August Finishes

In my list of August goals, I talked about finishing my hexagon quilt top - Done
 More about that here, by the way if you didn't enter the giveaway, there are a few more hours left.

Then I kinda went zipper crazy! (colors look much better in person)
All from the Etsy shop Zipit, use coupon code QUARTERINCHER for 15% off
 I mean you kinda need a lot of zippers if you want to make a triple zip pouch, 3 in fact.
 I had exhausted my local supplier of all of her "colorful zippers", but I did make these.
The first key one in the photo above is the correct size, I thought it was a little small, so then I made the second key one, but that was too big (I know sounds a lot like the nursery story) then I made the third one and that came out just right, lol. (size wise)
So then I made my partners triple zip for the flickr triple zip exchange.
Her favorite colors are orange and white
Using Boo Crew and Road 15 fabrics from Sweetwater (Thank God I had won those, because they were perfect for what she wanted).  I also made her a matching hexie wallet to hold her hexagons, since oddly enough out of the 70 plus players I knew her from my "Get Your Hex On" flickr bee.
Hexagon Wallet Holder
I sent that lovely package off this month.
I was also in the Sweet Treat Swap and made my partner something sweet and added a few treats, that bundle went off this week and has not arrived yet, so no pictures, it was my most expensive package sent to the USA so far, who knew chocolate weighed so much, her package weight 1.2 kilos or in other words 2.5 pounds.

I also sent a girlfriend of mine 3 different pouches to her.

The little pink and purple one is for her daughter.

And then the selvedge duo, (that's what I am calling them) are for her and the upcoming baby to use as quick diaper carriers.
ButtonMad button "Cute As a Button", perfect for a baby.
So see I have been just pushing out the pouches this month, ALL of these were made this month, exception the clutch in second picture above that was made for the AGF Texture Challenge, THAT I WON, hehe, okay no one is reading by now anyways, I can brag a little, they sent my swag prize package to me and I got it at the beginning of this month, Love AGF, the feel of their fabrics,, it does slip a little around when I cut, but lovely to work with .

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August Finishes


  1. Your quilt top is great. I haven't tried the triple zip pouches yet, but then again I have only been mastering zips for a short while.

  2. I love the quilt top and the triple zip pouch. They are great. You are indeed talented, Mara!

  3. gorgeous triple zipper pouches - must give those a try :-)

  4. Aw... the pouches are soooo cute! I love your choice of colors. And congratulations on winning the AGF Texture Challenge! (Brag away!!!)

  5. That's a lot of zippers! Nice work. :)

  6. All the pouches are great, but the button with "flower" is so lovely!! :)

  7. What a wonderful collection of zippered pouches! You did a beautiful job on all of them. I love that folded flower hexie and the pink and purple pouch with the gussets on the sides (which, if I read correctly, won the AGF Texture Challenge -- congrats on that!), and the pretty red, white and black pouches. Congrats on a whole lot of awesome pouch finishes and thank you for linking up!

    xo -E