Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Cottage Mama Sewing Contest

I feel a little silly entering, with my homespun rendition of the Claire Pajama pattern by Lindsey Wilkes of The Cottage Mama.  You should check out all of the other entries, that was my down fall, I was all proud this afternoon finishing "my super cute Pajamas" for sure I will win and then I pop over and saw what everyone else has sewn up AND photographed, were do they get these kids from, my daughter did this most of the time.
She was having fun, as evidence, I present you with a smiling photo
I kept telling her people wanted to see her face too and that she is so pretty and all the other pretty girls show their faces, yeah, that didn't work.
This is the best shot I got and I turned it into a Collage to enter in the Contest.
The purple fabric is a knit that I got in a fabric swap with Amanda of "What the Bobbin?".  It was my first time sewing with a knit, I had a blast, really not hard at all.  I had the correct needle and I made sure to cut the fabric after checking which way it stretched.  I finished all of the raw edges with that wavy rotary cutter you see in the top right photo (love my rotary cutter's can't cut a darn with scissors) and not having to try to figure out how to finish the edges was awesome, this fabric doesn't fray anyways.  The wavy rotary cutter was also used to make the decoration for the front bib.
My other change was putting the interior of the sleeves as the exterior, after making my own bias tape it looked to pretty to be tucked inside so I made it a sleeve embellishment instead.
added a little trim to both sides of the buttons
I changed up the pattern a little bit, couldn't help myself, I cut out 2 "Front Body Pieces" and did the button bib as the back and after checking it's size I made this bib for the front.  I used the gingham fabric for the bottom, put a piece of the purple fabric on top and sewed zigzag lines every inch and then cut it out in the same shape as the finished button bib that is now the back part of these pajamas.
First time working with yokes too, I love them, such a great way to finish a neckline.

Sewed up some quick Fabric Origami Butterflies using this tutorial and I have my Butterfly Claire Pajamas

I have learned now that my daughter requires a size 5 for her height but she needs it to be a size 8 in "width", so some minor pattern adjustments are needed to make her clothes fit.

Well I have been thinking about making this for weeks and finally did it, so Thankful for contest and challenges, highly unlikely I will get into the top 10, but I just have to put it out there.  Finishing it just in time for bed.


  1. You did a great job. I did the same thing you did. I was so excited and proud of the dress I made until I took a look at the other entries. Then I knew I didn't have a chance of winning!

  2. You did a wonderful job Mara, and Katerina is so sweet!

  3. lots of firsts in there mara, you have done a wonderful job :-)

  4. So cute! The nightgown is cute too. I'm so glad that long ago purchase fabric of mine finally found a use :)

  5. I like it!! You put lot of thought into the details. I bet your daughter really loves it.

  6. Great job! That wavy cutting is awesome.

  7. Your daughter is adorable - such a fun personality, and too cute! I love the nightgown details, with that wavy cutter and the trims. AND...your fluttery butterflies are gorgeous! Aren't those fun to make???

  8. Your work is beautiful! I love the details. Your daughter is a cutie! Great model too.

  9. Every girl loves new jammies, especially the ones a talented mommy sews for you ! So cute, your little girl is growing so fast.

  10. You are so good at "making things work" they are cute and the butterflies are a sweet touch. My gdaughters are starting to stick out their tongue when I take a picture.. lOL , Tell Kat, you Texas Gandma will make her smile.. xo

  11. Absolutely adorable - and so are the pajamas. :) blessings, marlene