European Siblings Together Bee

I'm going to tell you a story about a little girl.
Once upon a time there was a little girl who needed to find a new home, she was very lucky to not have to go into the Foster Care system because her biological mother's cousin wanted to adopt her.  Her little brother was adopted by her maternal grandparents.  The maternal grandparents wanted to adopt her too, but Social Services did not think it was a good idea and her new parents who already loved her very much wanted to keep her.  There was a big court battle and in the end the adults left angry at each other and the little girl didn't get to see her baby brother again.

13 years later she graduated from High School and got to see her little brother for the first time, since then they have met a few times.  Always brief but also so lovely to get to know each other.  

Nature vs. Nurture is very apparent.  They both have this thing where they eat one thing at a time off of their plate, they finish the meat first and then the next item and the next, but never all mixed up: Nature.
The little brother has never left his birth State and the girl travels the world and can't stop, always wanting to explore new frontier: Nurture. (she grew up in a military family, he never left the State with his grandparents)

They both wish there had been something like Siblings Together when they grew up, imagine how much better they would know each other if this was true.

If you would like to know more about Siblings Together, this link will take you directly to their webpage. 

Or you can check out what Lynn is doing over at Lily's Quilts in the UK.

The Big Mama for the European branch of the Bee is Dianne of Quiltova and you can check out her blog or contact her directly via e-mail : Quiltova at

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We got a really lovely donation from Piecemakers Country Store in Costa Mesa, CA.  you can read the post about their donation here.

Thank you for your time reading the little story about the girl named
Mara Jean Meadows
Mara Jean Capron


  1. That's a wonderful concept! I was lucky that my sister and I were both adopted by my aunt when my mother died.

  2. Hi Mara, I am a big believer in serendipity and sometimes things pop into your world to see if you are ready for it. I have had Siblings Together in my head for a while now and I didn't realise that I first came across it on Lily's blog. I thought I would share my story reasons for wanting to be involved, so I'll write it on my blog. But I would like to join in. - Suzy

  3. this is an incredible story.. it touches my heart. xox

  4. Thanks for sharing the story, Mara! I need to look into this bee!

  5. Mara, I just read this--finally! First, what a blessing that you were with a family that loved you! It must've been really hard, though, being split up from your baby brother :( And, it's great that you're working at helping other kids who have been split from siblings!!