Sunday, September 29, 2013

Craft Book and A Finish

I was the lucky winner of my very FIRST real paper craft book (other than my massive amount of cookbooks and one digital craft book).  A Signed copy of "In the Studio" by Angela Walters.
It is filled with amazing advice and she even talks about stitching in the ditch which is good, because I didn't have a free motion quilting foot until a few weeks ago.  I got my foot and tried out a little quilting on a pillow cover that I made following Melissa at Happy Quilting's Star Surround QAL
I did miss a spot in my quilting and as you can see my binding could use a little more "work", lucky for me I have many more projects I need to work on.
Traveling along the seam (yellow HST) in order to quilt only on the white, is discussed in the book.

Although this project is not in the book, she does have 10 modern quilt projects you can work on, I only have interest in making 3 of them, but it is her knowledge in quilting that is so invaluable.

Here is my quilting foot being put on my machine for the first time, I tried to follow her chapter on "Quilting Creates Depth and Dimension", lol, like I said I need to work on it a little bit.  Angela's chapter on "Focus on the Piecing" is about Stitching in the ditch and she gives some awesome tips, I was unable to follow the tips for this project since you need to do it while you are piecing the top, but I am doing it for my next project.

I also love this chapter "Quilting Adds Movement"

I am going to try it on this block that I made, that will be a tree on the right, I want to make swirls to look like the wind and make it look like it is blowing that 1 leaf around and then going behind the tree.

This book is filled with so much great advice and I love it.  Thank you Angela Walter's and AGF fabrics for gifting me with this beautiful book.

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  1. Hi, I have a copy of this book but not signed boo hoo! I think Angela is one of the best free thinker and quilter out there! She has incredible skills! But I have to say I am a bit of a book junky! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, I love your pillow! Such a pretty block. Your colors are lovely and your quilting is really great! Hooray for learning new things! Congrats on a fun finish and thank you for linking up!

    xo -E

    I hope you'll link that little tree that you're planning to quilt with swirls when you've finished. I love the colors and ideas you've put with it.

  3. I wasnt gonna buy it but you made me,,, winking..

  4. YOU can tell Angela you sold a copy..