Sunday, September 22, 2013


SO haven't been doing any of that, sewing, why you ask, because I got 2 new babies.

Baby Kittens, that is, oh my goodness have you ever raised baby kittens, it is harder to take care of them than human babies.
Aren't they cute?

The boy has the white Mohawk
I heard the poor little guys last Saturday, crying, when the kids insisted on seeing what it was I relented and we went to investigate.  They were so pitiful with blocked up eyes and snotty noses.  I let the kids pet them for a little bit and then I was like okay let's go, and the craziest thing happened they started to follow us and one almost tumbled down a hill trying to follow us.  I figured the mother had probably left them since they were fairly unclean. 
Well we ended up taking them home, we had stayed for a little bit where we found them and although there were lots of cats around not a single one of them came up to us and hiss about us messing with their babies, this is what a normal feral mother will do.  We have lots of stray cats and dogs in Greece, when I first moved here it bothered me ALOT, not being able to do anything has calmed my ability to be bothered but it still does bother me.
I am happy to say that since I took this picture his eyes are getting better.

I give them 2 baths a day, they smell better than the kids

The husband still insist that they smell.
On Tuesday my son wanted to return them, I said okay (cause I knew he wouldn't be able to leave them)  So we went back to the place we had found them and there was a third little black and white baby, obviously a sibling, OMG!  It's eyes were the size of Almonds all swollen shut with pus, he must of heard his siblings because he came out running and fell down the stairs and made his nose bleed.  It broke my heart, unfortunately my husband was there and 2 other Greeks, the owners of the house that we found the cats in front of, (Greeks are very cold hearted towards animals), I wouldn't have been able to convince my husband to adopt a third one anyways, but it still breaks my heart that we had to leave it there.  This is obviously what would have happened to the other 2, so I am so glad I was able to save 2, the mother had definitely abandoned her babies.  My son decided it wasn't a good idea to leave them, so we brought them home again, they are eating more and just had some solid rice cereal today (I read this was okay to give them) they loved it, except they kept putting there feet in it.  I will take them to the vet again tomorrow, and I think it will be good news.

So not much sewing done this past week.
But I had a happy mail day on Friday!
My Triple Zip Swap Pouch made it, I got an Angel, and indeed she is an Angel she stuffed the pouch so much that I had a hard time getting everything out.
Big pile of fabric, some candy and lots of cool notions
I had asked for something Red, White and Blue to use for our trip to the USA and to store our passports.  I think she made an awesome pouch.  Thanks Kate.
The Front.

Even the back is pieced!
I also got a big package from my Mom, filled with fabric and have finally found a shop that labels the fabric, Thank you Pink Castle Fabrics, you will definitely be seeing me again as a customer.  My Mom also sent the Aurifil thread that I had ordered from a shop on Etsy that had really good prices.
 The robot fabric is from Anne Kelle, the rainbow dots is Riley Blake and the next 3 colors are AGF, my favorite fabric company, and the last piece is Brussels Washer in Silver.

Tula Pinks Variegated Aurifil Thread, really, really pretty, can't wait to play with these beauties!

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And don't forget the Wool Lover's Blog Hop starts tomorrow, I hope I wasn't supposed to crochet anything?


  1. aw those kitties are cute. I would be like you, unable to leave them all by themselves....we had a litter of three kittens and the mom ended up dying at 4/5 weeks. So, they had to be syringe fed. Yes, more work than babies!

  2. What a fun pouch! I am so sad to hear about animal situation there. I'm glad you are taking care of the ones you can help. Those kittens are cuties.

  3. Great fabric addition! Love those dots!

  4. Love your new additions :-) It breaks my heart seeing how animals are treated here too, but I haven't been game to adopt any kittens yet!

  5. AGF is my favorite too! Doesn't it feel so nice? I can just sit and touch it and be satisfied!

  6. Hello Mara,
    Lovely to meet you.Thanks for visiting my blog. your Red White and Blue pouch is pretty neat.. Lovely work indeed. The variegated threads are beautiful.. Hugs Judy

  7. That breaks my heart about the kittens, I am so glad to hear that you were able to rescue two! I am SO allergic to cats, but we've rescued three. Some days my allergies seem insufferable, but better that than these little animals suffer. :)

  8. May the kitties grow healthy and strong in your care and become helpful quilty kitties. Lovely fabric and quilty goodies ... :)

  9. Thank you so much for taking in the kittens--they really needed and continue to need you. It is so sad to hear how the people of Greece feel about animals. Hugs for helping them.