Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Finishes

And another month passes by,  I am so proud of myself this month I did a  fantastic job on my list.

  1. Secret Tote for Swap, needs to get finished DONE
  2. A Sewing Machine Cover DONE
  3. Matching Mug Rug to go with cover (being gifted for the PIF) DONE
  4. A Traveling Bag for Arthur (my husband) DONE
  5. A Backpack for my daughter Katerina ALMOST DONE
  6. A Messenger bag for my son Nik DONE
  7. My flying geese Double Wedding Ring Quilt (now bed-runner to lazy to do more Foundation Paper Piecing) NOT GONNA GET DONE :)

Pretty good heh!
Here is the blog post about my Secret Tote.
 The sewing machine cover and matching mug rug are part of the Wicked blog hop, so you can read more about that here.
My husbands double zip pouch was a breeze to make, he saw my triple zip and requested something for money and the passports and to be able to wear it across the body under his jacket.  I came up with this.
It looks really good with the triple zip I received, I just made it a little wider to hold the money easier and skipped the bottom zipper.
the one I received on top, my husband's on the bottom.

The backpack for my daughter is almost done, I have run into a pattern dislike and will be making "Modifications" I did finish her pillow.

Nik's messenger bag is all finished but I am saving that for the "All About Boys" Blog hop.

And the flying geese paper pieced project is now on the back, back burner, not sure when it will be coming back to the front burner.  I saw some other people's double wedding rings and realized mine would look horribly cheap next to them, so it is going away as a UFO for a little bit.

Am I the only one that always thinks of movies when I hear a word.
"MODIFY" Tow Mater on Mater's Tale Tales.

Linking up to a Lovely Year of Finishes.

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  1. Hi Mara, I think you need to change the settings in the mobile version of your blog - I read on my mobile and I can't read the black text on the nearly black background! And I do enjoy reading your blog x