Monday, October 7, 2013

October Goals

I am busy, busy, this month!
Goin' to America, Goin' to America!  In November so I need to get a whole bunch of stuff done this month.
  1. Secret Tote for Swap, needs to get finished
  2. A Sewing Machine Cover
  3. Matching Mug Rug to go with cover (being gifted for the PIF)
  4. A Traveling Bag for Arthur (my husband)
  5. A Backpack for my daughter Katerina
  6. A Messenger bag for my son Nik
  7. My flying geese Double Wedding Ring Quilt (now bed-runner to lazy to do more Foundation Paper Piecing)

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  1. wow! that's a huge list :) Hope you have a great trip to the US!

  2. In one month? No problem! (Rather you than me)

  3. Nice! I hope you have a lovely visit!