Sunday, December 15, 2013

Piecemakers Donation

My last fabric stop in the States was in Southern California, Costa Mesa.  A shop called Piecemakers, I had heard about it from Madame Samm, she recommended getting a certain sized needle from them.  I went the day after Thanksgiving and when I arrived I was a little shocked.
There were MEN inside the fabric shop and people EATING cakes and drinking tea.  I must have just missed the party because a few musicians were leaving.  I thought I was in the wrong spot, but nope I saw fabric, so I forged right in.

I found the sale pile and picked up a few pieces then I also got some notions at really really good prices (for a different blog post).  When I went to the counter, she said "Oh I see you found our flat folds" (that was the fabric on sale of different yardages and a pinned note of the  price per piece)  I told her that I was going to use them charity quilts and she said "do they need to be square pieces of fabric".  This got me thinking that she had some round pieces for sale too and I was kinda like no, we use all different sizes and make blocks depending on what the queen bee of the month would like us to make.

So she showed me this big bag.
As big as a child in a stoller
She pulled the fabric out and inside was a mix match pile of fabrics, some of them cut in really funky shapes and stacked on top of each other like an Orange County rich Mama just cut into a big pile of fabric to make drama school outfits.
There is one piece that is about 10 yards long that was just cut into, it is green so I think it must have been used to make a tree.  Most of them are cut like this
with a pencil mark and following a line, this one is Halloween fabric.  Susie (the women who was showing me this) took most of the Halloween fabric and Christmas fabric out since I said we really don't celebrate those holidays in Europe.  But I still got a lot of it in the bag, or it would have been twice the size (my husband would have for sure have killed me if I wanted to put all of it in our luggage).

Look at what I still got, some sparklies.

Even a piece of fabric that I know since it was the first piece of fabric I ever used to make a dress for my daughter, my parents got it from JoAnn's so I even know the brand.
Here she is wearing it again this year at IKEA, it is a repurposed baby onsie turned into a tank dress, I just cut the snaps off of the bottom and sewed a piece of fabric around it.

 I made a pile of the ones cut WOF, they are all about 5 - 6"
The other pile I am slowly going through and ironing them and cutting them into manageable pieces, like I said one is at least 10 yards long.
I am working on it, to put together as little packages for my fellow European Siblings Together bee girls.
If you are in the Los Angelas area of Southern California then please make a stop at Piecemakers it is a fantastic shop.

Piecemakers Country Store
1720 Adams Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Thank you so much Susie for donating this fabric to us!

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  1. I have always wanted to go to Piecemakers store. Funny thing is I lived in Costa Mesa as a child for about a year, and in other areas of Orange County. I have purchased their calendars a few times in the past, making a few of the blocks but never the entire quilt using all 12 blocks from the calendars.
    Glad you got a great pile of fabric to play with Mara!

  2. wow, what a nice gift from them!

  3. That was very generous and sweet of Piecemakers to donate those fabric scraps. I used to live close to this wonderful store and all of its amazing supplies and classes. Happy sewing...

  4. You have got to be happy with a store that donate to charities. It was fortuitous that you stepped in that day despite missing out on coffee cake and music. Sounds like a groovy store.

  5. Hey Mara. I would love to share your good fortune! I can't believe how generous some people are! Please may I have a little bundle for my blocks for our bee? I am useless at linking all my internet identities so in case you are wondering, it is Suzie (Jarlem) here.

  6. That was so nice of her. Sounds like a fantastic shop.