Sunday, March 22, 2015

Low Volume Deal

It's been awhile since I have participated in Sunday Stash, has stash been coming in, YES, have I blogged about it, NO, bad blogger...

Today though I just have to share with you a really, really good deal!  And you have to act fast.
Sew Me A Song (all my links open in new windows, so click away) is having a shipping deal, $12 International!  $2.50 US and $9.00 Canada, ends today March 22, Sunday!  She can fit in 10 yards to a Flat Rate Envelope.
She has some really cute bundles, like the Texting While Sewing Encouraged.

But here is a really fantastic and fun swap, Simple Sew is doing a Fat Eighth Swap, you send as many F8's as you want and she will swap them out for different ones, so here is what I did, I ordered my fabric from Sew Me A Song, go to Shirley's blog for a discount code of 25% and since shipping International was so cheap, I just had everything sent here.  When it arrives I will cut out 6 Fat Eights and keep a Fat Quarter for myself, I ordered 4 different 1 yard fabrics, (well technically I ordered 10 yards, but some are for other things, hehe, got to fill up that package) so I will be sending Shirley 24 Fat Eights and I will get 24 F8's back!

This is what 24 F8's look like!
This is already in my stash!
 Of course if you want you could always just say order 4 half yards and have them shipped directly to Shirley for only $2.50 and she will do the cutting for you and send you the 4 you purchased plus 12 different Fat Eights or you can do it how ever you want, but it is a good deal and I love good deals!

Be sure to head over to Flickr to see what other members are contributing, you might see something you just have to have and will want to join in on the fun.
Go here to sign up!
Read what Low Volume means here!
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  1. All those beautiful low volume prints! I must check out Sew Me A Song - thanks for the hint!

  2. Fun way to add variety! Hope you get some good swaps back!

  3. What a fun swap! I recently jumped on the low volume band wagon and started my stash!

  4. Mara, I'm impressed! It would have taken me ten years of hard thinking to work out this cunning plan. ;) need to reread it once again and maybe give it a try....

  5. Oh, I love a good deal! Such pretty fabric and a wonderful way to build a stash of low volume fabrics, Mara. Awesome!

  6. Clever thinking! I am on a temporary fabric diet (= no cash!) but please give a call out for any future good deals you come across!

  7. The low volume stash swap is an interesting idea. I will look forward to a future Sunday Stash post to see what goodies you will add to your stash through the swap.

  8. Great selection of low volumes... they will be very handy! I've never entered into a swap, look forward to further updates about how it goes! Linda

  9. Great Post partner...... we have 9 now.. lets get 10 or more...