Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Poison Ivy

Last minute entry into the Sew Mama Sew Softie Contest. (so last minute I missed the cut off time, darn, well at least I got in one lousy picture, the weather was just not with me last week.)

I give you Poison Ivy the version in the Batman movie with Uma Thurman.

I made this design myself and it is the first time making this kind of "toy" now I use the word toy loosely because it's so cute and delicate that I don't want to play with it.  But my 4 year old daughter has no problem playing with it, in fact she doesn't want to give it back..
Poison Ivy and her Flower Throne
I have taken creative liberty in making her, I will start with the hair, that is from the part in the movie where she goes to break Mr. Freeze out of prison.
Hair using 2 different colored felts and beads.
The dress part is from when she makes her enticing entrance into the auction and puts all of the men under her spell, I must admit this is my favorite part of the movie!  If you look closely her bodysuit in the movie is covered in gemstones, absolutely gorgeous!
I used a couple of felt leaves and beads for mine.
 And her flower chair is of course from the part where she tries to kiss Robin.

I used 3 different purple felt pieces for the chair, covered a cut of piece of a toilet roll in some green felt along with some more leaves and beads and small stones.  Everything was hand sewn, both Poison Ivy and the chair. I am especially proud of the chair, it looks just as good in the back as it does in the front.

Poison Ivy measures in at 6 1/2" from the her tippy toes to the very top of her hair!
I cut the back of her dress a little differently than the front, I was thinking of giving her a but shape with some embroidery thread, but ended up tearing it out, what do you think, did she need a butt?

Ahh and this is the rainy crappy weather we have been having for days so I was taking pictures under the roof line instead of the garden like I wanted too.
Rain Rain go away, my husband didn't want me to show you a behind the scenes shot :)


  1. how super cute Mara. You are so creative :-)

  2. You put in so much attention to detail Mara - it's amazing!
    Well... they say that photographing things on overcast days is best, LOL.

  3. She turned out amazing. You did a great job on her eyes too - I always find eyes so hard to create, so I'm always impressed when they look good :D

  4. so cute and like you said, delicate! Very nice!

  5. she is precious.............