Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bob Along

Did you hear about the bob bag?  No it is a cute little box to fill with your goodies, what would go in yours?
The pattern can be found at Quilt Jane.  The pattern is well written and easy to follow.

I used Alison Glass Sun Prints in Ink and Grove in blue, Aurifil 2785 is a great match for those blues. I used 2 similar colored fabrics because of Angie's (Gnome Angel)  suggestion about the thread showing because there is a lot of hand sewing involved in making this.
Plus I just happened to have found this perfect matching blue color of twill in my local shop!
The pattern pieces and measurements are very precise, I was really afraid that things wouldn't fit, the box looked huge compared to the cover piece which is a teeny tiny pattern from Amanda of What the Bobbin, you can find it in her Craftsy store.
Do you like my foundation paper pieced mermaid?  I kinda messed up her arm but since she will be for me, I thought I would let it slide.
I was going to fill my box up with Aurifil.
But my daughter had other ideas.
And filled it up with her own treasures.
Good news the bag lasted the whole day at the park, so you know it is a well written pattern if it can stay together in the hands of a 4 year old, Pattern can be found here, at Quilt Jane.

I'm linking up to the Bob-A-Long Linky Party over at Gnome Angel, here.


  1. OH-MY-GOSH THIS IS PERFECTION!!! I love that little mermaid and have been loving it on IG and this is just the perfect gift. Love it!!!

  2. Mara, it's divine. Congratulations your beautiful bob bag has won a prize. Can you contact me so I can send your FQS certificate. Jane