Monday, June 17, 2013

Fabric Baskets

Second Part of Crib Organizer with Removable Fabric Baskets and a Diaper Clutch Tutorial

These fabric baskets can be used separately or part of the crib organizer, you can hang them on a door knob or they can stand alone. 

Cutting Instructions:
 We will be using the top 3 cuts on the right side to make these baskets, first cut off your selvedge and set it aside to use later, make sure the fabric piece is 21" and cut 3 - 8"x21" pieces, take 2 of the pieces and cut them down to 8"x8" and 8"x13", the third piece you will cut 2 - 8"x4.5" and 6 - 8"x2"

Make the above cuts on your solid fabric of choice or some matching FQ's.

Let us also cut up the Pellon fusible it comes in 20 inches-
2 - 7.5"x 7.5"
2 - 7.5"x 12.5"
6 - 8"x 2"
2 - 8"x 4"

All of your cuts should look like this: 
Now fuse the Pellon to the Panel pieces of fabric, we cut them a little smaller so there will be an 1/4" missing around all the edges.
Let's take our 2 bottom pieces, the 8"x4.5 and round the corners.

 With all of the pellon fused on your pile should look like this:

I did my cutting and ironing in 1 nap-time.
 Okay let's start constructing our baskets, take the 1 Panel front piece and match it with 1 Panel back piece, and sew 1/4", yes 1/4 inch.
It will look like this.
 Do this 4 times, 2 Panel pieces (the outside of the baskets) and 2 inner solid pieces (the inside of your baskets).
Now add your bottom pieces, I sewed the back piece on first leaving a 1/2" on each end and sewing 1/2" in, then I sewed the front to the curved part of the bottom, right sides together and pinning well, I do not have photos of this part, if you need more help, just ask.  Once again do this 4 times, 2 Panel bottoms to the panel "tubes" and 2 solid color bottoms to the solid color "tubes".

The next step will be sewing the inside to the outside fabrics.  Keep your Panel pieces inside out and turn your solid pieces with the right side of the fabric on the outside.  Nestle your solid piece of fabric inside of the panel piece, so that the right sides of fabric are facing each other.
A picture to help.
 Sew around the top at 1/2" from one side to the other, leaving a good 5" gap on the back to add your strap and to flip the fabrics around.  Clip the corners and maybe trim some of the bottom so that it will lay flatter.  You will want to iron the crease at the top so it is easier to top-stitch down.  

I got this far during another nap time.

Lets talk the straps and buttonholes, this was my first attempt at making buttonholes.  It is so easy!  I have no idea what I was afraid of, but if you need help making buttonholes I can make a separate tutorial or there are a lot of videos up on Youtube, just write in what type of machine you have and ask for a buttonhole tutorial. 
 Your straps look like this 8"x 2", 4 of them will be for the organizer panel, and 2 for the baskets.  Organize what is what, I had 2 different solids to go with them the darker solid is for the organizer the lighter on for the baskets.  You should already have the pellon ironed onto the panel pieces, take the right sides of the basket panel pieces and line them up with the right sides of the solids, sew on both long sides 1/8", flip right side out and iron, then topstich 1/4" on both sides.  
The 4 straps for the organizer will be sewn on 3 sides (now this is if your slat openings on your crib are 2" wide which is the case for my friend, you will need to adjust if it is a smaller opening, I hope not).  Again sew 1/8" with right sides facing each other, but sew down one side turn at the bottom, go across and go back up, to make a long U shape, trim the corners and then flip inside out, iron, and topstich around all 3 sides 1/4"
Let's add the button holes now!  Measure your buttons, or if you have a nifty button hole sewing foot then use that.
The 2 straps that are going on the basket sew the button holes in the middle of the strap.  For the 4 straps for the crib organizer panel, sew the buttonhole close to the end of the U part that you sewed.
2 on the bottom are for the organizer and the one on top for one of the baskets.
 I learned this little trick, use your seam ripper to make the button holes being careful not to cut your seam.
Now lets add out straps for the baskets, place them in the middle of the hole you left and topstitch down at 1/8" all around the basket.
 I start at one seam and go all around, then when I make it back to this seam, I turn my basket a little and take 2 stitches down the seam, turn it back, and then sew 1/4" top stitch down just the back portion of the basket.  This way the handles are stitched down twice making them stronger, I again stop at the other end of the seam and leave enough thread for me to thread a needle and do a couple of back stitches by hand.
And your baskets are done!



  1. Cute fabric baskets and very versatile. Thanks for the tutorial ... :) Pat

  2. Wow! What a cute and practical baskets! I have to try make one (or two :))) for myself. Thank you for this great tutorial.