Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Stash

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This week was a wonderful week for getting packages.
I ordered these fabrics in hopes of doing something for Alyce's Kate Spain Blog Hop.
I bought these Terrain fabrics from an Etsy shop called Tipsy Quilters, and I think the girls must have been pretty Tipsy when they made the prices for their fabric, at $4.20 a yard it will be the cheapest you can find.  I asked how much they could get in a $10. package to Greece and they said 2 yards.  So that's what I ordered, here is how the package arrived.
Do you see the total that they billed me $18.40 and the cost of the shipping $16.75, plus 2 yards of fabric, OMG, Shipping is ridiculous!  Since I was going to make 2 of what I am doing I will send 1 to them because really I feel like I stole the fabric from them and if I had more money I would send it, but I don't as is, I was scrimping from the grocery money my husband gives me, 5 euros here and 5 euros there, you get it.  If you need some Terrain fabrics, please give them some love from me and purchase at their Etsy shop, thank you.

The next 2 wonderful packages I won, my very first mini charms from Erin at Sew At Home Mummy, she is the sweetest person ever, I love her blog and she always has great information.
I've never seen charms from Robert Kaufman, I am so excited about them, I need to look up more info.  this package is so new I haven't had time to investigate, but aren't they pretty!

The next was 4 FQ's from Sue at Susan's Scrappy Domain, I won them during the April Shower's Blog Hop.
Pretty, huh, my first Gingham.
I got worried when they didn't arrive, so 3 weeks ago, I sent her an e-mail and she was like "oops I forgot to mail them out and I will send something extra", how sweet is that!
An extra 2 FQ's, SWEET!
From the same fabric line,

I plan on using these and the other 6 FQ's I won for a charity quilt I am making, now I just need to win 6 more FQ's and I will be set.
Do you think they go well together?
All 12 FQ's together, I might take out the butterflies, makes it a little to girly.

Don't forget to enter in the Birthday Giveaway (aka. free fabric)!

P.S. if you are wondering the new price for 6 FQ's to Greece is $12.75, crazy!

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  1. Those mini charms are adorable. I have gotten my hands on any yet. Nice additions to your stash!

  2. Thanks for the tip on the Etsy shop. I love me some Kate Spain!

  3. Nice. The mini looks very sweet!

  4. Thanks for the heads up on Terrain... I'm trying to catch up on some of her older lines. Postage is crazy... I feel for you!

  5. I feel your pain about the postage Mara. Even when fabric is cheap I can't afford it because of the postage :-( Love your wins - and they go together so well too - bonus!

  6. Oh, you have stashed up girl! Way to work it out! The Terrain is my fave, it's just such confident fabric and colours!

  7. You just need to move back to the states.... LOL,

  8. Kali Mera i feel your postage pain too. Nicely added choices and wins though Mara.

  9. this is the first I have heard of Robert Kaufman mini charms, I will need to be on the lookout for them. Tipsy Quilters is also a new to me shop, but I will definitely go check them out. you have some lovely fabric there, I do agree that the butterfly fabric should be removed from the group, but the other 11 FQs look great together