Monday, January 6, 2014

Fancy Tiger Fabric Shop, Denver, CO review

I would like to review some fabric shops that I went to while in the States, just for fun and in case you want to go.  First stop for me was Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver, Colorado.

  1. Fabric - ***** (5 stars)   This store has an Amazing selection of fabrics, anywhere from Moda and Robert Kaufman to Japanese prints and a whole rack of Liberty prints (that I fondled, but did not purchase at $40 a yard).  They also have books, patterns, buttons, rickrack, felt and yarn.  Really an amazing amount of fun things to buy.
    most of it is grouped by color.
  2. Price - **** (4 stars) The fabric price is like the other stores I went into, $11 a yard.  I am giving it 4 stars for price because they didn't have any "sale" fabrics, not even a small bin of remnants.  They also didn't have FQ's which I found really weird, except for the few moda and kona bundles and by few I mean like 5 or 6.
  3. Place - ***** (5 stars) Right on a main road with FREE parking on the side, Easy to get to and not very far from downtown Denver.
    The famous place to take your photo.
  4. People - **** (4 stars) The staff was friendly and deserve 5 stars, they went out of their way to help me find Alison Glass's sunprints even getting online on the computer to look at the photographs so they could find the right fabrics.  A 4 because I had contacted the shop prior to going and was informed that they had all of the sunprints when in fact they only had the feathers and had just gotten her Clover Sunshine line in.  Also during checkout, the cashier charged me double for a piece of fabric, if I hadn't been counting my pennies, I probably wouldn't have noticed the $5 difference, but when you get 5 yards of fabric at $11 a yard it is pretty easy to do the math, so I caught the discrepancy at this shop.
    Took this picture in Taos, NM, in a sunny car.
Extras - ***(3 stars) I came to this shop looking for Allison Glass's fabric for a charm swap and I specifically went on Tuesday night, since that is the shops Open Craft Night, a free event that lets you come and craft together.  I was hoping to cut my charms while there and lucky for me the kids were exhausted and sleeping in the van while I shopped.  But I was told that they would charge me $10 for me to borrow the cutting mat and rotary cutter, that's a whole yard of fabric!  So I didn't cut there and instead the very generous Melissa who was in charge of the swap cut the fabrics for me.  A real minus in my book. Let's move on to the fabric!

 From the top:  Sunnyside by Kate Spain for Moda.
This is a blue grey color
Second from top: Collage by Carrie Bloomston for Windham Fabrics
Purple with Hot pink and the newsprint in Black and White.
Those 2 were 1/2 yard cuts.
Next is a fun print that I just got because I want to make my kids a fabric bookcase, have you seen those?  It should look pretty cute with this fabric.
Apple Jack ABC's by Tim Beck for Moda
Beautiful bright yellow, picture does not do it justice, I love it.
Crazy thing, I just looked up this fabric and they have it for sale here, but I also bought a piece from the same line at a different fabric shop on my trip and didn't even realize that they are the same line, how fun is that.

Next 3 bottom pieces are all Allison Glass and were 1 yard each, but I sent in the bottom 2 to be cut into charms for the swap.
And here is a lesson for you, this
is her Corsage print, but it has 2 colors and is a part of her Clover Sunshine prints, where as the "Sunprints" Corsage prints are tone on tone, like these.
Beautiful bright vivid colors.

Linking up to Sunday Stash, but on Monday morning since my computer was giving me a hard time yesterday.

Molli Sparkles


  1. Brilliant idea to do a review with your Sunday Stashing! I love reading reviews of fabric stores, and very good detail here. I have that Collage fabric, too, and it is one of my faves!

  2. Yes, what Molli said! Thanks for the review. It was a great idea to incorporate it with the stash showing.
    The colours of your new fabrics are so lovely!

  3. Collage by Carrie Bloomston for Windham Fabrics, this is fabulous print.. its cool to see ya too and you are Tall.. You should have taken the kids in with you and they may have cut it for free.. LOL

  4. It's always such fun to hear what other people think of fabric shops - it certainly helps in planning visits. Love the Alison Glass stashing.