Saturday, February 8, 2014

February Goals

A short month and lots of goals/plans.

Monthly plans:

1.        Every month I plan on following along with  
The "Classic meets Modern QAL"  this month is the Amethyst block.
2.       Every month I plan on making a block for the
 Aurifil Designer of the Month   Amy Gibson's block.
3.       Every month I plan on making something from a
 Craft book Sew AlongStarted on this in January but I still need a certain embroidery thread color.
4.       Every month I plan on meeting the challenge over 
at Le Challenge. Almost done.
5.       Every month make a bag from
"Big City Bags" also a Sew Along. Not going to happen this month, I don't have the tools.
6.       I want to make 4 Quilts this year, mmm... should be interesting, maybe one will be from the Feathers QAL, only made 1 feather, got lots more to work on.

Specific February Goals:
I need to finish 2 swaps this month, one is a wall quilt and the other a tote.
But most importantly I need to make a new body for this 
This is TukTuk, 1 of 4 dolls with that name, her arm fell off and she has a whole in the butt and her head is about ready to fall out too.  So I thought she should get a new body, I have already sewn her neck and crotch together a few times.  It should be fun, I am thinking of making the body look like it already has clothes on, because my daughter has the tendency to take the clothes off of all of her dolls.

Also not sewing goals but sewing related, I would like to write up 2 tutorials, one for my messenger bags and the other for the quilt bag.

Linking to A Lovely Year of Finishes, I woke up in the middle of the night, "I forgot to do something", well here I am it is only 2:45 in the morning here and 5pm State side, thank goodness I am in Europe.


  1. Best of luck with all your goals. I am sure your daughter will be happy when her dolly is all together again and looking prettier than ever in her new clothes ... :) Pat

  2. that sure makes a wierd photo on the linky party side.. I several of these babies, I am interested on how her body will have clothes..Mine area always naked and cold even though they have quilts.. LOL