Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Finishes

I am super proud of myself this month, I did an amazing job at finishing up on all of my projects!
Plus I got my first commission, well I begged a friend to let me make something for her and she has to pay me, hehehe, but still so excited, I will be making 3 suitcases for her little nephews who go to visit her.

My every month plans:

1.        Every month I plan on following along with  
this month was the Polar Bear Claw

2.       Every month I plan on making a block for the
This months design was from Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic, so I thought I would make it out of my favorite Aurifil thread colors, the grey fabrics turned out darker in the photos, they are AGF fabrics, the grey variegated fabric is Rod & Reel Grey/White Plaid and the green is Kona Olive (my fav. green color) Aurifil 2600,2625,4670,and5016
3.       Every month I plan on making something from a
 Craft book Sew Along., that was my project from the book "Modern Bee" it is showed below,
I had another project from a different book also, but it didn't get finished.
4.       Every month I plan on meeting the challenge over 
at Le Challenge.  I still have 15 more days left, this months theme "The Rising Sun"
5.       Every month make a bag from
The Fireside Bowl Bag that I finished in December.

6.       I want to make 4 Quilts this year, mmm... should be interesting, maybe one will be from the Feathers QAL  
started working on the feathers, lol

Specific January Goals:
I finished my 3 messenger bags for my nephews, Andrew, Owen and Caleb.
Also including my sons Nik.
And I made this cute little Table Runner.
All the letters are courtesy of Alyce over at Blossom Heart Quilts, they are easy and fun to make.
The center heart is made of hexagons a design from Stacey at The Tilted Quilt.
This was the first time trying out the binding from this tutorial.  I like it, but I think on a quilt I would be kind of bummed about the waste of the flange fabric that you don't really see.
I also finished my "Modern Bee" Mosaic Tiles Quilt Along project, a bag for the Mosaic Tiles quilt that is being made by my Sibling Together Bee.  I finished it tonight so I don't have good photos and I plan on doing a tutorial for how to make the quilt bag, here's a sneaky peaky.

January Finishes


  1. Wow! You are one busy lady! love the quilting/blocks you're doing!

  2. Mara, fantastic finishes! I love the table runner and the quilting looks great! Congrats on your first commission! Looking forward to seeing what you finish next month!

  3. Holy cow Mara! How do you find the time? Everything looks gorgeous!!!!

  4. you are on a roll Mara :-) Well done for finding time for getting so much done - all lovely finishes :-)

  5. I know,,, when I talk to you I swear your not sewing. Love the heart.. and I cant wait to see this tote because it has a picture in it and I love Photos and cant do enough with them. If my jet printer didnt break I would have a photo quilt.

  6. looks like you will be a busy quilter this month. I am off to check out the links. I might be busy too. lol

  7. Wow! You are one busy quilter! Congrats on meeting all of your goals! The table runner is just beautiful! I love the soft, pretty colors and the quilting is perfect! Congrats on a great finish and thank you for linking up!

    xo -E