Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Star Light Star Bright QAL

I love, LOVE Melissa of Happy Quilting Quilt Alongs, she makes the best directions and for a multiple of sizes, I have only done the small sizes but it is perfect, I am now making my second pillow.
But what I am really bad about is getting my pictures posted in time, I might have the part sewn but then I don't get my photo into the pool to win the weeks giveaway.  SO I thought I would just finish it up and have it all pictured and done.
I had my flying geese and my HST's done on time and in thier proper week but forgot to put the photos up on both weeks.
Well not this week, here is my Center Star.
My sides
And corners
All of that sewn together
And add the sashing
I will quilt and put a pillow back and zipper in it by next week!  It should be my first finish for March.  It is all finished now and you can find more pictures here.
Just wanted to get these pictures up and out of the way, so I can easily link them when needed.
P.S. the hubby picked the colors, I gave him my textures bundle and this is what he chose.


  1. It looks awesome!!! Oh it turned out so fun. Your piecing is so precise and right on!! I love it and can't wait to see how you quilt it up. And great idea on getting all of the pictures out of the way, smart women ;)

  2. it looks really nice--very soft colors but manly ;)

  3. its pretty.. I am working on this fabric, I love Angela Walters lines, I bought this one twice.. I am suppose to be using another color on another Qal , but I keep picking up this.. it reminds me of the Sea. It goes well with all my Teals and Blues..

  4. Cool and collected blocks! Great points!

  5. Love the colours - very sophisticated!

  6. its so pretty Mara, and everything lined up so nicely - I love it!