Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop, Part Εna

Some Around the World Giveaways, below!
Have you heard about the Around The World Blog Hop?  I just heard about it last week when Sarah of Berry Barn Designs invited me to join and my day will be next Monday on August 18th.  You can see what Sarah's world is like in her Around The World Blog Post.  The fun part is to follow along or to trace back, I went back a few Mondays and found Roslyn of Sew Delicious, she is also in the Strawberry Swap (I'm in it too) and she also made a pair of shorts for the Shorts On the Line Challenge, and guess what they didn't fit her daughter either, phew, I am not the only one!  But she has a younger daughter they can go to, that's good.
I can't leave you without a picture so here is one of the monasteries and the rocks that I live under.
Now if I can just get my lazy big butt walking shoes, find my walking shoes, I will have some new photos of "Secret" monasteries that not many people see or go too, for my post next Monday!

Don't forge to enter my $25 Southern Fabric Giveaway!
And one of  the first times I have seen an EU only Giveaway, enter this sweet Indelible and Aurifil Giveaway on Quilt It Out.


  1. Mara I was tagged for this blog hop too and will also be posting on the 18th too. So see you then too.

  2. Well I should play along especially with the great Daryl at patchouli Moon !