Thursday, August 7, 2014

Win an Iron and WIP

Hello Everyone,
Long time since I chatted, I have a few things to rant about, but I will save that for another day ;)
Did you see my post about how to win a Singer Sewing Machine?
Well you can still enter in your own block, or if you don't have enough time, you can come and VOTE for my block, I completed it 2 weeks ago, but just now entered it into the contest, lol, better a tad late than completely late (deadline to enter is August 31st) and you will be entered in for a chance to win a Singer Iron, you can even vote every day for a chance at the iron!  And just maybe I will win a Sewing Machine, deal!
See more photos and read about it here.

Oh and if you make a block, tell me and I will come vote everyday for you too, they are after all Giving Away 3 Singer 8500Q Modern Quilter quilting and sewing machine Retail Value $899.99!

My WIP for the day was a pair of shorts for my daughter and to be entered in the Shorts on the Line Challenge, but I am so bummed, I made a size 6 pattern (my daughter is 4) and they don't even go up over her thighs, she has her mamas big bumm.  Now I don't think it was a waste of my time (my husband does) but what makes me sad is that I used a beautiful FQ of Liberty Fabric as the accent color.
Erin of Sew At Home Mummy, sent me this little present!  Thanks Erin!
 My wonderful friend Erin sent me 2 FQ's of Liberty Tana Lawn and 2 Half Yards of AGF (my favorite fabric manufacturer) plus some much needed needles.  I used the purple/pink Liberty print with some equally soft Cotton Couture Peony.
I have now finished the ruffles on the pants and just need to finish the waist band.
Good news though, even though the shorts don't fit my daughter, they will be heading back to Erin for her daughter, cool right!
So the moral of the story is, send me some fabric, I will screw up and you can get it back, but all chopped up and put into a project, HA!

Some other challenges and fun stuff going on in blog land:
American Made Brand Solids has extended their "Farm to Fabric" deadline to August 31st.
The Butterfly Challenge, A paper pieced challenge.
Don't forget about the Purge, and what did I Purge this week?  I sent off a secret package, I am starting my own little Fabric Bomb, don't know what that is, well the low down is you send a small pack of sewing related items and the person creates something with what you sent, just like what I did with Erins gift, you see passing it forward, but no you don't have to send it what you get sent back, lol, that is just a very happy coincidence for me and Erin.
Linking up to WIP and The Purge.


  1. Your shorts are looking so good! And about the size, it just worked out perfect. There is always a meaning for everything and we're always good at not wasting time/work!

  2. did you say those for your wee one I the trim too..

  3. I voted for your block and will return daily to support you!! Love your creative idea!!

  4. I went and voted for you :-) Fun idea about the Fabric Bomb too.

  5. I really like your block! The shorts are pretty cute, too!

  6. You know sometimes I get so confused I know you through Madam Samm and we follow each other. I love the shorts but I understand the size thing as a beginner garment sewer I am having the same problem with patterns for my Granddaughter. Rachael told me to look by her measurements at patterns. Love your blog.

  7. love the buttons, the jar is soooo is a must...The shorts are just another use of creative ideas, when we sew for one, we end up sewing for all.....Greece must be good for you.....

  8. Thats awesome, I am sending my Angela Walters line and I would love your lovely purse.. or the diaper bag hanger.. lol.. The shorts are so so adorable.. they have style..