Saturday, August 9, 2014

Friday Finishes

I finished my Liberty Shorts,
They turned out pretty cute, I gave them a hand wash and dried them in the Greek shade, they will be off  to their new owner on Monday.
I did some edgestitching with Aurifil 28wt 2540
My next finish was for a Swap.
 It's kind of little on the funky side, not my style, but my secret partner's.  I did a little practice FMQ, I really, really need to practice that, probably shouldn't have practiced on a gift for someone else though, lol.
 You can go look at her mosaic to see why I made this mini quilt.  But it is a secret and I have not shared any photos on the flickr group cause I am sure she will know it is for her right away.

Birds bones, she loved the image ALOT on Pinterest, so I figure it will be good, she has a thing for skulls and the colors red, aqua and purple (we have that in common :)  I had some scraps of skull fabrics and they were odd sizes so I made a QAYG/crazy interior for a pouch.
Now I was super lucky and really happy when I saw Vera of Negligent Style (you should follow her if you don't already, she makes the coolest stuff) make a post about her Le Challenge small project, skull bracelets!  I asked her if she could make me a zipper pull (she is famous for them) with the skulls and I would buy it, well she was so kind and sent it to me for Free, so I could give it to my partner who LOVES skulls, so wonderful!
 Isn't it fantastic and perfect!  LOVE!  Well the zipper pull arrived on Friday, I quickly slipped it on and put this little swap package in the mail, just in time!
Our swap mama has been quit stringent on the Rules and August 8th was the posting deadline.  She also said no extras and well I broke that one, I didn't know about the rule until after I made the pouch and asked Vera for a special zipper pull and there was no way I was NOT going to send this to someone who I just know will love it.  So off it went with the mini quilt.


  1. I'm glad it made it on time. Let's hope your partner will like it as well :)

  2. the liberty shorts are so so sweet :-) And the mini - you were brave to tackle that one and after checking out her mosaic you have done an awesome job :-)

  3. Those shorts turned out so cute! That quilt is very funky, but I think you did a wonderful job tailoring it to your partner's taste. The details are great though! I love the bones on the bird and the quilting. I hope your partner loves it!

  4. love the shorts, the ruffles have my heart

  5. The shorts are very pretty. The bag with Vera's zip pull is super cool and trendy!

  6. I adore it!!! Seriously best swap EVER. :D