Sunday, November 23, 2014

FMQ Feathers and Paint

I've been practicing my free-motion quilting skills (FMQ) eekk.. it is so exciting.  My foot still doesn't know if it wants to go fast or slow, this is when I really wish I had one of those fancy machines that has a stitch regulator, how cool would that be, well at least for my unwilling to co-operate foot.
The Challenge was put out by Amy of 13 Spools, to watch Angela Walters Free-Motion Quilting with Feathers Craftsy Class.
And since the majority of FMQ that I have done is because I have read and own her book In The Studio I thought it would be a great time to take a Craftsy course with her.  I admire the quilts she makes so much and they look so perfect, but as I watched her on Craftsy, I realized that she isn't perfect!  She makes "mistakes" but she reminds you over and over in the classes that it doesn't have to be perfect!  Sweet, I can do some imperfect Free-Motion Quilting!  Like the one below, woooohhooo, totally went over the line in that one, I actually did un-pick that one and restarted at the feather below it.
oops.. A little out of line.
 I did make one mistake and I wouldn't suggest doing this, since it was my first time sewing feathers, I marked them in with a Frixion pen.  Well it might seem like a good idea, but it really screws you up when you don't hit the line and then all of them look wrong, so I won't be doing that again, I will just mark the guidelines and make up the feathers as I go along.
I first did a basic feather and then did matchstick quilting in between

Next up came Lesson 6: Feathers in Blocks - Chapter 2:Squares, I did both the feather frame (top) with a feather meander in the middle and then I did the feather swirl (bottom)
And then I tried Amy's ZigZag "Classic" Feathers, I loved this design the moment I saw it and just had to give it a go, it was so quick and fast, next time I won't mark everything, I think it will work better.
Now what I have done with these test blocks is I have made them my interior fabric for some really cute clutches!  I did some FMQ for my Pantone bag and loved the idea, it is a great way to practice and you get to use your practice pieces with out someone really just eying up all of the imperfections, they are kind of hidden, plus it gives bags a little more structure.  Both the front and back pieces of fabrics that I used are with Oakshott cottons which are pretty thin, the blue pieces I just happened to have already cut in perfect sized rectangles as a mistake of an earlier project, so I just cut the tan ones so they would look good with the front of the "Paint" bags (Carrie Bloomston fabric)
I quilted those up using Paint and Collage charms and a couple of Allison Glass prints.
I had my quilted interiors, those needed to be trimmed down to size.
I got 1 pouch finished Friday night.
A snap button was added to the strap so it could attach to my bag.
but then on Saturday we had to go shopping for a TV.
All of Greece switched over to digital TV on Thursday so our TV and millions of other peoples TV's no longer worked you could only get the one Public channel (N, kind of like PBS in the states), you could either buy a 30euro converter (lots of people doing this) but thank goodness we had enough money to buy a new TV cause I need my English shows, or I would go insane here.
Patiently waiting and coloring in order to get our new TV.
Katerina's school also asked the parents to buy some school supplies, so we picked up a whole bunch of puzzles.
Making sure the puzzles have all of their pieces ;)
By the time we got home it was already getting dark, but I did finish up the other 2 clutches and will take picture of them in the morning to show you, here is the one that is complete and for me, the other 2 are gifts.
They look so cute together

The matchstick feathers pouch interior.
The basic matchstick feather panel was the most imperfect because it didn't fill the whole interior of the bag, so it's for me, but the Feathers in Squares and the ZigZag Feathers fit the whole interior, which one of those do YOU like best?  Who knows it might just land at your door step, tell me and perhaps I will send it your way ;)!!

Feathers In Squares

or ZigZag Feathers
One pouch is going to my friend along with a bracelet that I made for her.

What's your favorite feather pattern, have you quilted feathers or are you new to FMQ, like me?

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  1. Okay, your feathers look amazing! I've been doing a little more FMQ lately, but I still keep shying away from feathers because they seem like they'll be difficult :D That zig zag feather looks particularly fun (and I even have a quilt that kind of NEEDS a feather border, so that'd work out, if I could talk myself into trying it!).

    I keep hoping you'll pop up with a "Hey, I got a package from Canada" message but no dice. I wish I'd have paid for tracking! (It was like... a $20 price difference though, so... yeah.) I hope it hasn't disappeared into the ether!

    Oh, randomish other aside, but every now and again my favourite news app will post an article about that archaeological dig you talked about a while back and then it makes me think of you :D The pictures I've seen look amazing!

  2. Wow, interesting & beautiful use of your samples ! bravo .

  3. your quilting is amazing. I wouldn't be hiding that inside a pouch! But your pouches are gorgeous :-)

  4. I didn't realize you are a foreign wife, too! I would also go crazy without my English shows. Japanese TV is pretty banal, news is repetitive, and the (supposedly) comedy shows tend to be just TV stars shouting at each other. Oh, and the food shows... Sheesh... Tons of shows showing movie and TV stars eating and remarking on every bite. Do you know how boring it is to watch other people eat? It's not relaxing to watch TV here, and I understand Japanese! Actually, since we moved to Kyoto, we don't even have broadcast TV anymore. We watch a lot of YouTube and DVDs. Don't miss TV at all!!
    Your FMQ is tons better than mine. Feathers are not something I feel confident enough to try yet. Using your practice swatches as bag lining is a brilliant idea. I like the feathers in squares the best. ;-)

  5. Those fmq feathers are awesome Mara,are you sure you are just learning?! All three of your little pouches are super cute,and I love that you used them in the pouches. OMG your Sound Check Bag is Fabulous girl! Mine,well,lets just say I had some sewing Mis-adventures this weekend...posting about that later this evening.

  6. I like dense quilting, I love to use my walking foot, I am not a FMQ, I practice just because I have one of those machines, but it doesnt interest me and since I have RA,its stress me and is painful. I love Angel's books and I have the first one. But I have another authors book, I prefer. I do like to combine stitches with some of the stitches set in my machine.

  7. I must let go of my fears and give FMQ a try!! I love your designs!!!

  8. Mara!!!! Your feathers look great ...I've done a few, but not as nicely as you have!!! Your bags and clutches are fantastic!!!!

  9. Wow Mara your feathers are fabulous - I love feathers but I haven't tried them yet!

  10. Your feathers look really good. I haven't tried to fmq feathers yet.

  11. Your feathers looks amazing! I love the matchstick quilting in between too. I want to take that class on Craftsy too!