Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Maybe Make you laugh!

I know a few of you had fun reading my MIA post and you might enjoy this one too:
Last week Kat and I were looking at a map of the United States when she pointed to one of the States "what's that one?", me - "That's Texas", Kat "ooo... I LIKE TEXAS!  Let's go there.", that's for my family and friends in Texas!

Next perhaps you are wondering how she is doing in School, wellll... She was sick for a little bit and ended up staying home for 2 weeks, then last Monday it was a half day, so we didn't even try to take her to school, Tuesday was a Holiday day, she said she was so excited to go to school on Wednesday and then when we got her to school, she turned a 180 and refused to go inside.  She is definitely a Gemini! She informs me that she finds school boring, this is where my kids being bilingual is fun and interesting, I know that she learned this word from me since she says it in English, oopps. . oh well.  I finally got her to go inside and played with her for a bit inside, Thursday was the same thing, played with her inside.  The teacher was not so happy about this, but it is the only way to get her to stay.
Okay new plan, have my husband take the kids to school and drop them off, I pick them up.  IT WORKS: well at least on Friday and Monday and he didn't even have to stay, at all!  Today, he calls me at 8:45, she is refusing to go inside, he has been trying to get her inside for 30 minutes, well I walk over and she still refuses, I smell a sickness on her and bring her home, but she is not allowed to watch cartoons and no fun games with mommy.  We will see how Wednesday goes.
Although we did have to go out to take some photos of my 2 recent finishes.
Both are upcycled, her dress is made from an old shirt of mine and then I just added a strip of fabric to the bottom.  The suitcase is made form a pair of my old maternity overall pants, for some reason the best pictures were of the butt part :)
Locked In:
Last week was pretty exhausting and I wanted to take a shower by myself, we recently came across the bathroom keys and after 6 years of never being able to go the bathroom alone, I locked myself in.  The only problem was that I really, really did lock myself in... the key didn't work in getting the door unlocked!  Well long story short, Arthur for some reason or another came home about 2 minutes after I found out I was locked in, Thank goodness, and after an hour of passing the key back and forth under the door and trying other keys, I unscrewed the hinges from the inside and he kicked the door in, it was the only way to get out.

I picked Nik up from school a few days ago and he informed me that he knew all of the girls' names in his class (uhoh, he likes the girls) Me: "ohh.. really?"  Nik : "I don't like them" (phew), Me: "why don't you like them" Nik: "they won't play with me"  (Awww....what a sweetie)  He loves playing with his sister and I guess he has tried to play with a few of the girls in his class during recess and they just run away from him and won't let him play in the same games.  I have noticed that the sexes are very segregated here in Greece, all the way through to the High School and after, you only see the boys with boys and girls with girls, not sure if this is the same other places, but I know that when I was in High School I only had boy friends, didn't like the girls to much, to much drama. 
Play pretending to be Zombies, one of Nik's favorite games.
I had one more funny story, but I am totally brain dead right now, wait until you hear about the wedding I went to on Sunday!  In preparation you have home work, you must watch "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", if you haven't seen it yet.  P.S. speaking of homework, nik is already doing math division in 1st grade, I think that is craaazzzyy!



  1. You can't see like is eve boring in your neck of the woods! I hope she settles down soon - I'm sure she'll see there is no escape!

  2. Life is pretty full on for you at the moment. Hope you get a breather in there somewhere xx

  3. Just get up and clean out the fridge every morning.. LOL

  4. and yes she did....make me smile