Thursday, November 20, 2014

I've got the blues..

...Blue Bags, that is..
all of these bags are on their way to Texas.
And I am a little blue that next week is Thanksgiving in the States and all of my family will be together but I we won't be there, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, because it has always meant family time.
Now you are also probably going holy moly Mara, how many bags have you sewn up this month, A LOT!  The 3 pictured above: from left to right: Chris W. Designs "Sugar and Spice" (it was completed in June), Chris W. Designs "Serendipity Hip", and Sara Lawson "Chandelier Swing", both sewed up this week.  But I do have to be honest with you, they were in "incomplete" stages before I started them.
The Serendipity hip was originally going to be the Lucky Denver from Sara Lawson's book "Big City Bags", but I read some of the reviews and wasn't really excited about the way it was going together.  My Sister-in-Law had picked it out last November as the bag that she wanted me to sew up, but I love all of the zipper pockets in the Serendipity Hip and as you can see they are pretty much the same shape, so I give you the Serendipity Hip.
I will be making more of these bags, it was quick and easy to put together, and I love that it has a zipper pocket in the front and one inside as well as the bag being closed by a zipper.  People with cell-phones will also like this bag, since she provides a handy pocket within reach behind the zippered pocket, but open at the top, genius construction.  Of course I don't have a phone, so I am glad this is on it's way to my SIL.

The smaller bag is for my other SIL, and it was almost complete, with the exterior finished except the bottom wasn't sewed on yet, I just had it wonder clipped, I stopped making it a couple of months ago because I screwed up the strap and well, you know you just kind of set it aside for when you feel like working on it again.  The great part is that, because I changed the bag from the Lucky Denver to Serendipity I had the extra fabric to make the strap for the Chandelier Swing out of the same material.
My daughter takes better pictures than I do.
This is my 3rd favorite bag from the book, it is small, but cute for a party dress or if you don't need to carry much.
There are pleats on the front, but they are so small and you really can;t see them.
I did hand sew in the 2 top panels together, the interior to the exterior, because it kept separating and I wanted it to stick together when I unzipped the bag.

I quickly sewed up these 2 Perfect Petal Purses, yesterday for my nieces, LOVE, LOVE this pattern, go get and make a few if you have any girls that need gifts.  I am thinking of even making one just for me :)


  1. You have been so busy! I am impressed by all your bags. Must try the perfect petal purse...

  2. Your bags are sooo lovely, dear Mara - great job!
    Warm hugs to the wonderful Greece....

  3. wow - so busy. Your bags always look so professional. Gorgeous fabric choices :-)

  4. And I am green with envy at how many bags you are cranking out over there ;)! They are all soo pretty! Betsy is right on with her review of the lucky Denver Mint bag. I feel the same way about it.
    Super cute little model yo have there!

  5. Wow. You've made so many awesome bags lately! Love them all! Very nice work. Cute pic with the umbrella!