Saturday, January 24, 2015

I'm on Instagram

I am SO SEW EXCITED!  I am on Instagram!!!! WooHoo!
My older brother got me a tablet for Christmas and my younger brother got me fabric for Christmas, do my brother's know me or what?
My husband has been dead-set against me having a tablet but the only reason I wanted it was for Instagram.
It's very nice I am getting used to typing on a screen and I love the feature where they try to think of the word you are going to use next.  Still trying to figure out the camera..... it sometimes cut's things out or the picture goes a little sideways.
Come say Hi to me on Instagram I am @mara_makes, who would have thought that grecomara, my normal name for things would be taken.... So I am slowly changing things over to Mara Makes, like Pinterest.
I love entering in giveaways, but don't want to always have my personal Instagram account where I show what I am working on and finishing with reposting's of giveaways, so I made a seperate account for entering in those giveaways, @acrafty_giveaway, so if you want to follow me there you can do that too.  I will also be making one for our rooms to rent in a couple of days.
Question:  Does anyone know an easy way to repost on Instagram, I got a repost app, but then it stopped working?
I also already joined my first IG swap, the #alisonglassminiquiltswap over @reapwhativesewn, the last time I saw her post there where 338 participants and she only needs someone from Louisianna, Mississippi, Rhode Island, North Dakota and Vermont, to have one person form all of the 50 States.  And over 15 countries are represented.
Some yardage of her handcrafted, and a mini charm pack of her new fabric line.
I am so glad I got my huge Alison Glass order in a few weeks ago, I am set and ready to go for when partners come out, and the deadline for entering is Feb. 1st so you have plenty of time to join and the time to post your mini isn't until June so plenty of time to sew it up.
Plus her new book SIGNED!! and some of the wool and threads she loves.
I already have quite a bit of her first Sun Prints line and her second Sun prints line is just as fantastic.
I can't wait to find out what my partner likes, I sure hope it's the sun prints, lol.

Don't forget, to come and say Hi to me on Instagram, @mara_makes


  1. wonder if you can get on instagram on my kendle?

  2. I repost by tap-and-hold on a pictures, then a little box pops up asking what to do, one option is repost. Loving the Allison Glass fabrics! Makes me want to go order more of Handcrafted right now! When I decided to change my IG name I was pretty miffed to find QuiltsofaFeather was already taken! Apparently they got the name shortly after I changed my blog name, and they have an Etsy account with the name. I'm sure it was after I changed my blog name because I did various searches to see if it was taken! Such a bummer.

  3. So good to see you on Instagram! I don't like keeping giveaway reposts on my account but not sure it's fair to cancel them after a while. Some have comments/likes.

  4. Yay for you being on instagram - annoying you have to change your name though! I am in the Alison Glass swap too - which means I need to shop as I have almost used up all my AG fabrics! Giveaways on IG can be pretty overwhelming after a while. I only enter the ones I would really really love to win, and I usually go through and delete the posts after a while!

  5. yay! So glad you joined us on IG. It's another time suck though :) haha