Sunday, January 25, 2015

Greek Politics

I am not a big political person, but today we are voting in Greece, so I thought I would share my thoughts on the Greek Political situation.
It's pure shit... sorry for my language, but oh my gosh, did you know that they have Communist Parties, yes that is plural, as in more than one Communist Party.  Normally these guys rank pretty low on the Political realm and don't have very much power.  This year is different, one group in particular as come forward with lots of votes because he has promised people he will get rid of the dept they owe banks. Hey that sounds nice says all of the ignorant folks that don't realize that the country will come crashing down if he does or accomplishes this.
Let's back up a little and I will tell you why they are voting today.
Picture from Wikipedia, couldn't find mine.
In December the Parliament was voting for a new President, the current government was unsuccessful in getting enough votes to put a new President in Power.  So today the people are voting on a New Prime Minister, yeah a little confusing....
In most European countries it is the Prime Minister who is in charge of change and the country not the President like in the States, the President of Greece is more like the Queen of England, just a figure head, goes to parties, signs the bills the Parliament puts together, so since the Current Government couldn't get their guy to be President, the Greek people have to find a new leader and then that leader will pick the new president.   Are you still with me?
Okay now to get even more confusing, it's not like there are 3 people to vote for, NO, what a Greek person will do today is vote for the person in their prefecture (let's pretend it's like a person voting for their Senator in the States, but we only have 13 "states"/prefectures here) Not all 50 States get the same Senators, you have a different grouping of Senators to vote for in your own State, well that's what we have here, all of the different political parties have their own Parliament person that you vote on.
The Greek Parliament has 300 members, so today's elections are for those 300 members, in order for a Prime Minister to be picked the party needs to be comprised of 151 Parliament members.  Well last time they voted, I think it was only 2 years ago, and yes I am getting tired of the shifting Greek Government.  No single party had enough to make up 151 Parliament members so 3 parties got together to make a Multi- Party system.  So you will find in the current and soon to be old government leaders as what in the States we would call the Republicans and Democrats together.  Wouldn't that be awesome if the Republicans and Democrats worked together in the United States Senate!  Imagine all of the the things that could be accomplished.  But here they may have the Republicans and Democrats together but their political nemesis are the Communist.  I still can't get over the fact that I live in a country where people believe in the Communist attitude, it's like saying I want to live somewhere where the Jihad live, crazy.
These are my thoughts and feelings, plus I hate the fact that he whole country stops for these elections, everything was closed on Friday and will be closed again on Monday (by everything I mean the school's, lol, the kids have a 4 day weekend)  and I am guessing like all elections (seriously all of them) they will have to vote again to get the number down (they delete some of the entrants) and the kids will have another 4 day weekend next week.

AND if you are really wondering how serious this is IMAGINE THIS, the intelligent and wealthy Greeks removed 7 BILLION Euros from the banks between last Friday and Wednesday in the event that the banks and the country crashes if the Communist parties are voted for the new Government.
You may see us soon in a Country near you!



  1. Rather sounds like the current US Presidential promises. I wonder if our countries will survive as something we recognize five years from now? OK, it may not even take 5 years for everything to go down the drain! Until countries recognize that they cannot spend more money than they take in as revenue, they are teetering on the edge of destruction. It doesn't take much to totally derail a country and they are deeply in debt. In the USA it is the entitlements that are killing us - I always figured you worked for what you got, not depending on anyone else to just give it to you, but not so much any more. Hope we make it!

  2. Ok, I want lie, you know me.. Get your IKEA cup and knockem out, but OBama did something like this.. Ok, the lie.. I read all this... I just read the last pic and I would love you in a country near me.. How about Dallas or Fort Worth..yes they are different countries.. I live in Arlington in between..

  3. Thank you for your insights on this! My best friend is Greek but primarily educated in Germany. She still has family there and goes back every summer. I am always subjected to her opinion although she now has German citizenship and is married to a German. I think since you are living there now, you have a better understanding. Keep it going!