Friday, January 2, 2015

Last finish of 2014

I was able to make one last finish for the year.  Mustang Sound Check bag!
My favorite bag pattern from the book Big City Bags, is this one, the previous one that I had made, my Collage Sound Check bag,

I ended up giving that to my daughter's NoNa (godmother) she said her favorite color was purple (or Mauve in Greek) and I didn't really have any other purple fabrics so I gave it a good wash and gave it to her, I loved that bag, so I am happy in giving it to her.

My daughter loves her NoNa, and no wonder she lets her play with her phone.
I used Coats Thread for the first time, I won a wonderful package of them as the winner in November's Big City Bags SAL.  I am excited to use them, since I have heard it is better to use Polyester thread for garment making.
Of course no bag is complete with out some of Janelle's bag bling from Emmaline Bags.
 For the interior I decided to have a little fun and with one side of pockets I just left the selvage on and sewed it in at the bottom, I will be adding my name to it when I find one of those archival/fabric safe pens.

Of course as always this bag was missing a zipper pocket so I added one on the other side, the zipper almost looks gold in color and matches the fabrics well it is Zipit Zippers Monster snot color!
 I asked my husband to take some pictures, but he never tells me, "hey honey your hair looks crazy" or "tuck in that tummy" so since those pictures um sucked I asked my 4 year old daughter to take one, didn't she do a good job!  I am enjoying some Greek wine Retsina, yummy, taste great with meat, but man it was cold outside.  I tried to do a selfie with the bag, but it ended up being only a selfie and I didn't get the bag in.
I am having a hard time getting my computer to get some of the links so I will put them in later.


  1. Your bag turned out so cute! Great use for that border print!!

  2. This looks really great - the detailing is just perfect.

  3. Another awesome bag! Is that a Cotton and Steel print on the exterior? I think Sara must not li,e zippers so much,because she only ever uses them on the exterior of her bags.

    Love the photo your daughter took,she did a great job!

  4. Great Bag..I want one now.. I still have alot of AG Angela W. fabric .. xod You did a fantastic JOB>..