Friday, May 15, 2015

A Challenge and FairyTales!

My friend Fenna who has the blog Fabulous Home Sewn is doing a Photo Contest with her patterns, she is the one who created the really cute Perfect Petal purse, that I made here.

and also the Pirate wallet, she has a few more new patterns that you should also take a look at.

Check out all of the awesome prizes available here.
The pictures are due at the end of this month May 31st! You can purchase her patterns on Craftsy.

And now to talk about Fairy Tales.
I am in a swap on Instagram (okay a few to many swaps on Instagram) and one of them is the SPD FairyTale Swap, well I really let my partner down in not telling her what fairy tale I like, but my problem is I like them ALL!  I went to Wikipedia and looked at the List of Fairy Tales, OMG, it is so cool, you can loose yourself in there, finding new fairy tales, reading the history behind them, it is so much fun!
So short story, darling partner, I don't have a favorite Fairy Tale, I think they are all pretty darn cool, I especially like the ones that have a moral or "parent warning" in them, like "The boy who Cried Wolf" which is Greek by the way, cool right!
I had fun finding new ones like "The bee and the Orange Tree", I can see this mini being made out of some Tula Pink fabric! (one of my favorite designers)
Tula Pink, The Birds & the Bees, Tree of Life
I didn't even know that "The Little Mermaid" was a fairy tale, I thought it was a Disney cartoon, but it is in fact a Hans Christian Andersen Story from 1837!  Who knew right, well I didn't, I love mermaids! and the real story is so much more interesting than Disneys remake :) Although a tad sader, but the moral of the story is so much more interesting.

So the short story is, make something you love and I will also love it, if you can contain a book of the fairy tale or a written note of which fairy tale you are making the mini from I will really appreciate it.  I love reading and finding new stories and sharing them with my children who still love to hear mommy read to them.
I am on Pinterest and Flickr if you need more ideas into what kind of style I like, my user name is grecomara.
Thank you so much!

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