Tuesday, May 26, 2015

All The Skirts

Hello All, I whipped up a skirt for my daughter over the weekend, I have been meaning to make one for a while out of this fabric that I bought from the Fat Quarter Shop.
"Pepe in Paris" by Riley Blake Designs and the text print is "Surrounded By Love" by Deb Strain for Moda
When I ordered this fabric I knew I wanted to make something for my daughter with it and along came the Skirt Fixation link up of "All the Skirts" and all of the pretty skirts made using Oliver & S patterns, I really need some good patterns, but I do love what I whipped up.

The skirt, an appliqued shirt and a purse to match!
I designed all of it myself based off of my daughters measurements, she is a little chubby compared to patterns.

The purse is felt with the fringe at the bottom, I sewed up the sides with a zigzag stitch using Aurifil Variegated Thread #3840
I made some pockets for the skirt, because as we all know little girls love pockets.
One on each side, the text print peeks out just a little on the top and is also used as the lining of the pocket.
I really hate hemming clothes so I did something to the bottom of the skirt so I wouldn't have to hem it, not sure what it would be called, but I just used the text print again and then added the trim.

But my daughter doesn't like the trim so much now because it keeps getting caught in her shoes, so I will be taking it off, but it will be okay cause the text print is what made it easy for me not to have to hem the skirt.
I need to learn the trick on how to get kids to stand still for photography shoots, bribery does not work on this child of mine.
It's still cold here in Greece for the morning walks to school.

running ahead of her, maybe I can get a front shot, just made her run faster :)
So on a hanger will have to get you a better picture of what the outfit looks like.
Linking up to "All the Skirts" with Skirt Fixation!


  1. What a pretty skirt and I love your photos. They capture your sweet little girl's personality. I loved sewing for the kids when they were growing up. Mine were very tall with long legs and arms and I always had to alter the patterns.
    I'll bet your little girl is the envy of her schoolmates with a mama that sews such wonderful things for her.

  2. so sweet Mara! You make the cutest things for your kids :-)

  3. Getting kids to pose nicely for pictures is an art in itself. I can picture you running ahead and her running even faster. Those fabrics make for a lovely outfit. I'm impressed with your alterations!

  4. This outfit looks so pretty on your daughter. Such a nice fabric for a skirt complete with T shirt and bag!

  5. What a sweet skirt and your daughter looks so happy wearing it.....

  6. Love all your details , again and again. its adorable, kisses Kat xoxox