Friday, May 29, 2015

Pretty Perfect Fabric and Patterns

Pretty Perfect Fabric is Art Gallery Fabrics!  "Feel the Difference" is their motto, and it is a good one, love the feel of their fabrics, I can even tell when it is AGF fabrics and they don't have their selvedge, just by the feel of them.
AGF is having a giveaway of 100 yards,  in order to enter the giveaway you must post a selfie of yourself with something you have made with AGF.  A selfie is a “photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone and shared via social media”
How good are you at doing Selfies? 
I am NOT very good at taking selfies, so difficult, eekk.. you can see my nose hairs, oh now you can't see my nose at all, talk about double chin, hey where'd the bag go?  so on and so forth, I took about a dozen different selfies.

So I made 2 items to enter, one is the Pretty Floral Divided Tote by Thread Riding Hood.

I made it out of the new Skopelos fabric designed by Katarina Roccella, these are the 2 exterior fabrics, Paparounes Pastel (that's poppies in greek) and Greeka Skouro (the greek key like symbol in Dark -Skouro) and for the Interior I used Underground Route from the Jungle Ave collection by Sara Lawson.
I took these pictures at a girlfriends shop, she sells Greek trinkets.
Paralia means beach in Greek, but it is also a place here in Greece.
 I tried to take some selfie pictures at the outdoor market or in Greek - Bazaari, but was feeling pretty exposed with everyone walking around and several neighbors were asking what I was doing, the Greek community always wants to know what that strange foreign women is up too.
I used some hardware from Emmaline Bags, the handmade bag label and a magnetic snap inside.

I picked up some strawberries at the market and picked up 2 birthday packages from the post office.
I also made the Perfect Petal Purse for my daughter a pattern made by Fenna from a Fabulous Home Sewn. out of Art Gallery Elements, Floral and Nature, I love basics and just love AGF Elements, can't wait to get my hands on some of the newer Prisma ones.
For that selfie you will need to go see it on my Instagram account :) -link on the side bar.
 I made a little stumpwork bee for the center of this sunflower purse.  I even made him wings out of some AGF fabrics, but decided that they were a little too big and was afraid they might get caught on things as my daughter wore her new purse.

So no wings for the little guy, but surrounded by delicious french knots representing the center of the sunflower.

The zipper has some bag bling with an Emmaline bags handcrafted zipper pull

See a Pretty Perfect Fabric and Pattern Pairing!
Did you make anything out of AGF?
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  1. These awesome, Mara! LOL, I think I've only ever once taken a selfie, you're right, they are a bit awkward! Good luck in the giveaway, I have my fingers and toes crossed that you win! Woot! Love the bag, and love Emmaline too, such great stuff!

  2. Love the bee and the bags and of course the beautiful magnets! ;) <3

  3. No selfies for, I always end up pointing the camera so that I cut off my face or head or something....The bag is so pretty and useful...all the things you picked....

  4. aaah totally forgot to take a selfie with my finished quilt top. Bah! love what you did with the petal purse :)

  5. Great photos, well done. And the bags are fantastic. It's great to see the market and your friend's shop, what it's like where you live. I prefer "natural" photos to studio style photos!

  6. All of it is so awesome.. awesomness !! I have been catching up with you. I will have to do this if its not to late, because I use alot of AG.. lots.

  7. I love the shopping center.. I would love to have one of those little placks too.. please..motivation to save for my trip..thats if no more disaster happens.. I am waiting for the insurance lady, My roof is mildewing from all the rain and wind, we have had, my roof leaked we think. this will be my 3rd water diaster in my house this year,, I cant wait till 2016