Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cara Box Exchange

I love a good swap and this has been the BEST!

Cara Box
Cara Box Exchange is hosted by the lovely and very strong Kaitlyn of Wifessionals, it is huge in the States with lots of participants but this was the first time it went International (Europe and Asia), you get 2 partners, the one you send to and the one that sends to you.  I sent my box to Cornelia in Austria and Ellyn in Malaysia sent a box to me.
This is what I got in my box, hope you don't mind the massive photos, Ellyn wrapped every single thing up separately it was great fun for the kids and I will be doing this to others in the future, because it really was so fun.
Each gift individually wrapped

One was even double wrapped my son got a big kick out of that.

eeee, my daughter squeals.

Teeny teeny, ooohhh, so teeny.
Ellyn packed up so many cute little goodies it was hard corralling them all for a photograph, I got everything pictured below except 2 key chains for the kids, one was a dolphin and the other a seahorse.
She's pointing to the tea that is for Nik, he drinks massive amounts of it.

Shell keychain, Beautiful boat earrings.

Katerina wearing her new shirt from Ellyn and holding the cute turtle.

A glass boat, I have always wanted one of these.

I told her I collected coins

and postcards and stamps :), lol.

Thank you Ellyn for a great gift, but more importantly for the new found friendship I have found with you and Cornelia.  This has been the best swap ever.


  1. oh i love your goodies Mara, and Im so happy I had the chance to swap with you, we can still do this in the future, I would not mind. totally in love with your cool postcards, I have a ton too, *g*