Monday, July 1, 2013

Terrain Totes, Two Ways

I made some Kate Spain Terrain Totes!  I purchased the fabric from Tipsy Quilters and you can read more about that here and what an awesome price they have on fabrics, so be sure to check them out.  Each one took a yard of fabric, on one I used 1 yard of fabric and the other one- 2 half yards of fabric, I even used the selvedge.

The Totes went Rock Climbing
And Cliff Hanging
with Tom Cruise
And Spelunking (helping each other out, climbing the cave)
But the Hardest Terrain of All for the Totes to go through...
Scary going but the children tried to keep up.

They made it through all that Terrain just in time for a one on one photo shoot.
Beautiful colors, 1 yard of Seed Pod in Bloom
Nice zippered pocket to hold keys, money and your ID.
Great Bag for the Beach can fit 2 big towels, swim suits and a big water.
 Pebbles in Stream for the outside and  Footpath in Mist for the inside.
This one also has a zippered pouch.
but it also has a drawstring covering, like Alyce's Bento bag.
Linking to Alyce's blog, Blossom Heart Quilts and her Kate Spain Blog Hop!
Also a big happy dance for finishing something on Friday, although I didn't take the picture till today, TGIFF!


  1. These are wonderful Mara, and such a fun photoshoot!

  2. Haha, awesome photo shoot! And I love your bags! I need to learn how to do those inset zipper pockets, they're such a great addition to bags!

  3. Gorgeous bags! I agree "Childrening" is the most difficult terrain of them all!

  4. Love your bags. Very bright and pretty. Love your displays. Mine are so boring, I usually just take at home!

  5. These are so pretty! I love the size - now I need to make one :) Thanks for the inspiration!