Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunday Stash

Well Sunday is almost over, but I am going to write about the FANTASTIC mail day called Friday.  I swear the mailman keeps my packages until that day, because really that is the only day I get packages, weird huh!  It could be a conspiracy, that they want you to have a great weekend, nay, they aren't that considerate in Greece.

So on Friday my husband calls and says 2 packages have arrived, (we get our mail delivered to the business), I urgently told him "Well bring them up!"  He says one is at the post office we have to pick it up, it is from Holland, I say, "oh well that's from my fellow bee girl, she must have sent the letter and I have to sign for it."  The other is from Utah a place called Stitches and Giggles "yippee that's the charm packs I won".  He brought up the charm packs and I immediately ripped into it.
So cute a hand written quick note, her card and the 2 Charms!
The cost to mail.
A little less than 10 bucks, USPS First Class Mail International Flat, she paid for the shipping too!  What an awesome win from A Lovely Year of Finishes, if you have not linked up to their get your bum in gear goal setting parties, well you better start.
Boo Crew

Road 15

8 different prints- colors: black, cream, purple, orange and green

my favorite print, the little monster bash

9 different prints- 6 colors; black, grey, cream, teal, barn red and green

 I have 3 favorite prints in this collection, I actually kind of like all of them, the barn yard red and teal colors are nice the black, grey and off whites I totally didn't have before so they are pretty awesome too.

I'm calling this one the Park, not sure of the proper name.

Love the houses.
So then the kids and I went on our Friday excursion, it is always a experience going to the post office, I try not to go Friday's because this is when our town has market day and all of the outlaying village people come and they always crowd the super markets and other businesses.  But this Friday wasn't a last day of the month Friday so the post office wasn't to full.  And to get my kids cooperation we first went to our favorite coffee shop to pick up a "coffee" for them (okay it is hot chocolate, but I have them thinking they are getting a coffee like mama)
SO they were pretty good while waiting to get the letter from my bee girl Betty.  You see I am in the European Siblings Together bee and each month we make a block designated by the Queen bee out of our own stash.  For this month Betty the Queen bee wants the block made with reds, greens and neutrals, WELL, I got a problem there, I don't have any neutrals, NONE.  I told her I didn't have anything except Kona Snow and she said she would send me some, so I was thinking she would measure what was needed and send a letter.

In fact I had just used Kona Snow recently for a project and my son asked me why I was sewing with toilet paper, lol, I have really only used colored fabrics and only own colored fabrics.
Filled not only with fabric, but with toys for the kids, how absolutely considerate, although I must admit both of my kids love fabric, so they always get just as excited as I do when some comes in.
bursting with fabrics and a lovely hand written card!
Katerina picked out her choices from the box
Katerina claimed hers (it was hugged several times and that is the reason it is so wrinkly) a fabric panel with a fairy, Nik wanted it to, because the fairy is surrounded by yellow flowers, his favorite color.  Lucky for me Betty sent some cute little skateboards that you can decorate with stickers.
he did the stickers by himself look how coordinated they are

 A whole bunch of fabric, some reds and greens and 2 layer cakes from a shop in the Netherlands.
And the promised neutrals, SWEET!

I now have more than enough neutrals to do several projects, it was so fun getting this surprise box.
I am really touched by her generosity, Thank you so much Betty, these fabrics will be petted and sewn with love.


  1. I love fabric in the mail! It is exciting to get those packages!

  2. How kind of your bee mate - your stash must be bulging now!

  3. Wow! How generous indeed! What a wonderful surprise!!

  4. Sweet additions to the stash! Good for you! I enjoyed hearing about your kids sharing in the excitement.


  5. wow - gorgeous fabrics and wonderful generosity. Enjoy :-)

  6. totally love your halloween fabrics so cute, and wow how generous from her.

  7. Oooh, what a lovely mail day! I wish all days were like this! :)

  8. Oh I love happy post days, even if they are not my own! You lucky thing, a win and a surprise delivery! :-)

  9. I can see why your daughter picked the flower fairy. What a generous Bee friend.