Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Stash

My daughter and I got our Birthday package from my Mom this week, and in it was a little something for her and a little something for me.  It is only a month late, but that's my Mom, always belated but never forgotten.
The fabric I had actually purchased from a fabric shop in the States last November but their shipping charges are really really ridiculous at this shop, even to ship to my Mom who lives in the States it cost $8.00 when at any other shop the price would have been from $5 to $6.  But I really wanted a few yards of that Juggling Summer Print you see there and they were having a sale and it only cost $6.50 a yard and at the time this was a brand new released fabric line.
This little package includes the fabric to make the block that you see pictured, it was on sale for $5.50, not sure really why I bought it, except it was on sale and at the time I was totally into chevrons.
I also bought Bella Turquoise and once again have no idea what I wanted it for, after all it is 8 months after I bought the fabric.

Now the Juggling Summer I totally know what I want to do with it.  You see I had bought 2 charm packs from Vicki's Quilting Lodge (on sale, of course) before the fabric was even available in other stores.   So this is what I have so far.

The black print (she sent this in February with my son's birthday gift) is going to be used for the binding and the one on the bottom is for the backing, now my Mom just has to send the very last part of the original package sent to her so I can start this quilt.

Linking up this lovely package of fabrics to Sunday Stash over at Pretty Bobbins today.

Have you ever bought fabric and forgotten the reason WHY?
or are you just a Fabricoholic!
Mrs. Bobbins

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  1. Juggling Summer looks really good! I like it.

  2. I've seen that picture on Facebook too and it makes me laugh every time! Well done on the Kate Spain win too btw!

  3. That juggling summer print is so fun and bella solids are my favourite :) thanks so much for linking up!