Saturday, March 22, 2014

30/30 Week 3 Update

My husband doesn't generally do any type of gift giving it's just not in the Greek nature to give gifts, they don't even celebrate birthdays here, instead your name day is celebrated so if you are named Timothy then all the Timothy's have their day, but a name day celebration is well if you really want me to get into Greek details then say so in the comments and I will be happy to explain the oh so wonderful Greek customs.  
On to my Awesome Wonderful News!  My husband finally broke down and bought a "table" just for a my sewing machine, don't worry we didn't tell his mother, omg, we would never hear the end of that one "jes fer the masine that uh sew en"  hehe like my Greek accent.
We went to IKEA
This is the downstairs part of our house this is the front, the other 3 sides are surrounded by rock and it is very cold there in the winter, but in summer we sleep downstairs, this is going to be my "sewing room".
To get the backing for my Pantone Challenge Quilt Top You Can vote for it here, #18, under "Just Quilt Tops" Category click the little heart in the right hand corner, you can see more photos of it here.  Do you like the IKEA written numbers print, they are awfully large numbers, but I think it will work, I am going to use a purple binding also, I think.  The Quilt top is what I was sewing on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
Tuesday was spent our 30 minutes doing a photo shoot, that resulted in my children playing in the stream, so we had to hurry home.
Wednesday I cut fabric for my Pantone Challenge bag, You can vote for this one under the "minis" category, #50, Thank you so much if you vote, there are a lot of beautiful items to look at.
Thursday I Thankfully received the package of interfacing and did some sewing
Friday I quilted the interior of the bag and put the bag together, you can view more pictures here.
My daughter doesn't realize that when I say I want to see the back side of the bag I don't mean I want to see the back side of her also.
LOL, not only does she crack me up, she cracks herself up too!
We took the bag shopping with us today to IKEA, it is about an hour away in Larisa just south of Mount Olympus where the Greek Gods reside.
You can see their snow peaked tops in the distance.
So today's Saturday 30 minutes time was spent fabric and desk shopping, by the way have you seen the new "board/wood plank" fabric that IKEA has, I saw it on someone else's blog and now I don't know who, but I saw it in person and it is nice but it is a heavier canvas type material and not a quilting cotton material, just FYI.
As soon as I clean the downstairs and do some re-arranging we have a double bed, a sofa and a wall bookcase down there, so I will need to find out where to put my new table!  And then I will share pictures.
Linking up to 30/30 Sewing Challenge Week 3
Oh in case you were wondering yesterday March 21st marks 7 years I have been married to my husband Arthur the Greek.
Next week I am going to start a suitcase out of old jeans, so fun!  What are you going to do?


  1. A very Happy Anniversary to you both! Maybe another seven years and you'll have a birthday! My husband is English and it took about twenty years for him to remember my Birthday - or maybe my children remind him now so perhaps it's a European thing...Seriously, though, I hope you have a Saints Day. Is there a St Mara? Or can you take a day with a similar name like Mary or Maria?

  2. Happy Anniversary To You!!! Way to go! :)
    Congrats on the table also. I know it's tough when you don't have a special place to work.
    Great work on your quilt and your bag looks amazing.... and so does your model! ;)
    I can't wait to see this jeans project. I've never heard anything like it.

  3. Happy Anniversary! You did a wonderful job!

  4. Happy Anniversary. Love the kwilt ans just keep on secretly stitching. Your work is great!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby :) Love the purple bag and your cute little model too! Love your shot of the quilt in the meadow,so pretty!

  6. Oh yay - Happy Anniversary :-) So glad you are getting such a lovely present. The Ikea fabric will look great as the back of that quilt. And I absolutely adore your collage bag - it is stunning.

  7. Happy anniversary Mara! Your quilt is going to be wonderful and I like your bag also. I' m living in Athens and we started having a small collection of quilting fabrics in our fab shops lately and some notions also. If you need anything from here just send me an e-mail.

  8. Wow! This post is so full, Mara! First of all - most importantly ; ) happy new sewing table!! Second, your daughter and the bag are both adorable. (I really like the Collage print as the side and handle - very eye catching!) Lastly, happy anniversary! We're hitting 7 years, too, in just a few days on the 27th. I'm amazed when I look back at such a relatively short period of time and see such big changes - kids really accelerate our lives, don't they? : )

  9. love that pantone quilt, great job. And happy anniversary!!!

  10. congrats on the new sewing table and happy anniversary

  11. Put a blog post up on the links and I will share on my blog for the Voting.. I voted for your purse.. I sure need a new purse, (wink).. I will mail the fabric to ya.. love your work.

  12. I'm very glad you got a sewing table! Hooray! Your quilt top is just awesome! I hope you win! Your little girl is pretty awesome, too! What a fun child.