Monday, March 3, 2014

Star Light Star Bright Pillow

I love it!
I machine quilted and washed it yesterday and then did some big hand stitches on it today and put the back and zipper on.  This is my first time doing a side zipper (or bottom, guess how you put the cushion on your couch) I followed this tutorial here on Pretty Bobbins. (all links will take you to a new page)  Worked out pretty good.

I like my zippit zippers, I cut a little notch off the ends and glue them on the card she includes with the order, that way it is almost like a thread card but instead it is my zipper card.
I matched the Aquamarine 049 perfectly with my Teal Coblestones Textures fabric from Angela Walters.  I quilted a cathedral window echo thing, in the Swirls Jade (Variegated Aurifil 4662) and Swirls Citrus (Variegated Aurifil 4658).
And hand quilted in the AG Pure Elements Mystic Grey areas.
I think my Star Light, Star Bright pillow looks pretty darn cool next to my Star Surround pillow.
Close up of threads used and hand stitching.

Both of these patterns are FREE and available from Melissa at Happy Quilting, check her Quilt-A-Long's page.
More pictures of the sewing process can be found here.
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  1. it looks lovely! And, the zipper looks well done as well! I've never done a side zipper either.

  2. Lovely pillows! I am not a quilter but I certainly admire their beauty.

  3. Your pillows are beautiful! I love the colors and your quilting is fantastic! You do such lovely work!

  4. such pretty quilting you have done :-)

  5. Clever idea for the zip color card. I may just have to copy you :)

    Those pillows are so pretty! The hand quilting is a nice touch.

  6. Your Star Light Star Bright pillow is awesome!! I love the way you hand quilted it with the big stitches for that extra punch. So pretty!!! And yes, the two together are just amazing!! What beautiful finishes!!!

  7. Beautiful pillows and I love the zippit card idea. I will be doing that for sure!

  8. Wow - these are gorgeous! I love the quilting you did on the Star Light - just lovely : )

  9. Beautiful work! I love your zipper color card idea!

  10. I love the quilting you did on the star. It makes so many different patterns. I love the colors, too! What a fun pillow. Oh, and great idea with the zipper color card. I ordered zippers from zippit recently and loved how fast & friendly the service was and how great her prices are. Congrats on a great finish & thanks for linking up!

    xo -E

  11. Lovely pillow! I especially like the bright backing you chose and the gorgeous quilting!

    I made my first pillow with this quilt-along and also installed my first zipper. :)