Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Stash and Awesome Tote Swap Received

I have been harassing my post office for a few weeks, and early Friday morning they called all excited.  A package is here for you!
Oh goody, my package arrived.  I happily went to go pick it up.  But was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not the package that I had been patiently, okay not so patiently waiting for, instead it was my swap tote and the crazy part is she mailed it from Ohio USA on March 7 and arrived March 14th in the middle of Greece, that's what I am talking about folks, only 7 days, WOW!
Mary wrapped each item individually, so fun opening up each one, plus a homemade card (love those), that little present on the bottom left is my ALL TIME FAVORITE CANDY - HOT TAMALES!
She sent this beautiful Yuwa Live Life Collection, Japanese fabric, a half yard to add to my stash, the first Yuwa print for me to own.
Really lovely
If you want to watch a funny video.
Totally cracks me up, Not happy that the wrapped present is something for mommy AGAIN.
Okay she got excited later.
When she realized that Big TukTuk could fit inside.
The pocket is so awesome it has a fuzzy feel, love the texture.
Mary was so awesome she took my suggestions and made it a reality, I love the whole rainbow of colors and I like fussy cut fabrics, check this out.
The red has some japanese girls, the orange ducks and yellow corsage 
And isn't that the cutest little fox!

Everything she sent and made was rainbows,
All the things that were wrapped up.
She sent along 2 spools of Variegated Metallic Thread, is there any special way I should use these?  Do I need a different sized needle of different stitch length?
Also in the mail that day were these 2 books that I won from Sew Mama Sew during the "Little Gifts of Love" Contest.
Now I already own the Sew and Stitch Embroidery book, and a I signed copy one at that, given to me by my friend Shirley so I am going to give away this one during my big birthday bash in June.
The Stitched Blooms book is awesome and you will be seeing several items that I will make from this book, I also love the fact that it has a CD inside so you can easily copy the images from your computer and don't have to go to a print shop to get them enlarged, which is such a pain in my keester, I have to do that for 2 other books, so this will be such a joy to work with this one.  In fact I will only purchase books that have CD's with them for now on, it just makes everything so much easier.

Thank you so much Mary, you are AWESOME!
Linking to Sunday Stash, cause my stash just got bigger!


  1. Glad it got there safely and sooo fast. Happy you liked the bag and the other goodies.

  2. Glad it got there safely and sooo fast. Happy you liked the bag and the other goodies.

  3. Awesome tote, super cute fox, and darling girl. :)

  4. This baby needs a bikini too.. KAT, your too Cute..

  5. Wow! Mary is awesome! Your package is awesome - the best tote ever! You must feel like it's your birthday :)

  6. What a fun mail day! Yes, I would suggest you get "metallic" needles. Or ones made especially for that. The eye is smoother and will be less likely to snag or break the thread. It is usually literal metal wound around a poly core and metal doesn't like to bend all that much. So a stitch length of 2.5-3 would be the smallest you might want. They can look so pretty against fabrics.