Saturday, March 22, 2014

Collage Sound Check Bag

Another entry here for the Pantone Challenge, this time for the Mini's Category.  Now I wasn't sure if a bag applies as a mini and if it doesn't then you can cross me out.  But I did "Quilt" the interior, so does that count :)
This is the 12th pattern inside of the Big City Bags Book by Sara Lawson "Sound Check Bag".  I used Collage Fabrics from Carrie Bloomston, Border Birds in Purple and Newsprint in Purple, the interior and accents are in Brussels Washer in Silver.
The bag can stand on it's own.
I added an interior zippered pocket cause I like zippered pockets in my bags.
with a pop of that blue that you can see a little bit of in the fabric
My quilted interior is loosely based off of the Tutorial by Don't Call Me Betsy: FMQ Baptist Fans
(SMWACK, ohh.. did you hear that)  Actually it really was an awesome time to practice my FMQ skills (or lack of)  I will be doing it with all of my bags for now on.
The Interior measures 15"x27.5", a mini quilt, right?
The variegated Metallic Thread was a gift from Mary of Mary Moon Designs and Jeifner helped me out in understanding how to use it,  I used a 90/14 needle and increased my stitch size to 3.5, it was great for all of the topstitching and edgestitching (like shown above) but didn't do such a great job in the FMQ, but that could be because I am a little jerky in my movements.

I didn't have any cool ruler's so I used a stack of circle lids to mark the circles, I tried one as a freehand you can see it's the one that looks really crazy.
This bag is a present to me for my 7 year Anniversary, yep! married 7 years today, A-Mazing!
You can see my other Pantone entry here.  And I am having a small handmade postcard giveaway going on here.
As you can see it's a pretty big bag.

Note Added: I have been carrying this bag around for over 5 months now, and it is by far my most favorite bag, I love it and plan on making a few more, it is a great pattern.

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  1. Congrats on your anniversary! Love the bag. You can never have too many pockets. Clever.
    I'd say it counts, it's quilted. :)

  2. The gorgeous purple collage! This is a stunning bag :)

  3. Oooh I love the bag! I'm a big fan of the collage prints, and you used them beautifully here. :) Also, fear not, bags are totally fine to enter (sorry I didn't stop by and let you know that earlier!) and you put it in the right category. :)

  4. I love that print, it's one of the few purple prints I stashed before the whole Radiant Orchid thing happened. Purple's starting to grow on me now, thanks to all of these wonderful challenge entries! I think your bag turned out great, and you placed the print just right, bravo, that's hard for me!!

  5. This is a very pretty bag. I love those Collage prints too!

  6. That daughter of yours is so beautiful!

    I love your bag. The colors are so pretty and the birds are adorably whimsical. Good for you for trying something new with the FMQ on the inside of the bag! Congrats on a great finish and thanks for linking up!

    xo -E