Thursday, May 15, 2014

Le Challenge-WIP

I love Butterflies!  This is just the quilt top, it is not quilted, but I hope I can still put it in the months Le Challenge, pretty please.
I ran out of the white fabric after destroying this quilt and after taking a poll with some of my blogging buddies I decided not to add a different color but to make a larger white butterfly at the top with the very last remnants of white.
Cocoon by Valorie Wells the small butterflies and ringing the large butterfly.
Alchemy by Amy Butler on the outside of the large butterfly
Alchemy is on sale right now at Craftsy along with some other Amy Butler prints at just a $1.25 a FQ, very tempted, I really loved this print and got it in a Hawthorne threads bundle.
The flower on the bottom part is from Fandango by Kate Spain and the outer border is Free Spirit Maggie.
I was also working on all of my HST's, man ironing takes a LONG, LONG, time.
got the big ones ironed, need to do the little ones.

Almost 500 HST's and if you want to make this quilt there are 2 chances to win the pattern, 1 from me and 1 from Cornelia who designed this pattern.
When she first asked me to be a pattern tester I immediately thought of arrows and crosses, Hunters hunting through a forest and the animals hiding in the safe harbor of the crosses.  It took me a long time to find the right fabric for what I was looking for,

I totally screwed up one block, but figure it would be fun to just go with it. lol 
read here I didn't want to use the seam ripper.

What do you think, to blah?

It is very hard to photograph low volume fabrics.
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  1. The butterfly quilt is cute, but I _love_ what you're doing with the every which way pattern!

  2. That is some non traditional layout for your butterlies. I have to say I like the other project better. It must be those pretty LV fabrics.

  3. the butterflies are beautiful! love the fabric colors!

  4. Your fabric selection on your project is very nice

  5. Its Lovely.... how do you have the time, between the kids and me.. LOL !

  6. the butterfly quilt is so creative and the colors are beautiful!! the LV quilt is going to be amazing!!!

  7. the butterfly quilt looks great with the contrasting block. The alchemy fabric really is stunning. And i'm loving the LV arrows too - such a contrasting project!

  8. The LV quilt is not blah at all. And I do love the butterflies!

  9. Very sweet butterflies and a quilt top does count as a finish :) The arrows look amazing in LV!! That animal print is one of my favourite fabrics, I LOVE it! Thanks for linking up to le challenge

  10. I love butterflies, too. Beautiful quilt and fabrics ... :) Pat

  11. Lucy said it, a quilt top does count as an entry on le challenge! And it would have been too cute to miss. thanks for sharing on le challenge.

  12. It turned out beautiful Mara, I thought that Craftsy does not ship to Greece -- or maybe you have them sent to USA?

  13. I see you're still on a butterfly kick! Can't wait to see the finished LV quilt too x

  14. I had great difficulty photographing a LV quilt once. Yours is looking great! And the butterflies compliment Alchemy!