Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Finishes

Here are the pictures as promised.
3 Suitcases, made out of 3 different colored canvases with Jeans used for the sides, Oakshott cotton and Motorbike fabric for the inside.

 The pockets are all labeled socks and underwear, the littleest one got pictures of a sock and underwear also, since I doubt he can read.
The pattern is Sidekick Suitcase by SewFearless and it really was the hardest pattern to understand and read.  It was written in a bubble speech pattern who does that?  If I wanted my best friend to tell me how to make the suitcase I wouldn't have paid for the pattern.
I did so much of ripping out of seams and I wasted a ton of my precious Aurifil thread and broke 2 needles, I miss my wasted Aurifil the most.
This is his "See Mom, I'm Smiling"
Here's my son showing you the size, it is a fairly good size for a kid, could easily fit in a week worth of clothes.  As you can see the Canvas didn't take to kindly to having iron on Interfacing the whole thing is kind of wrinkly, no matter how much I iron, it didn't stick very well.
I added a divider since my friend said she wanted it easy for the kids to keep things separate.

If you are wondering how I am feeling SOOOO Much better.  Like back to 90%, this morning I was at 70% but after taking a bath in Pink Himalayan Salt I felt like Wonderwomen!  Okay not well enough to clean the house after being MIA for 3 days.
And even though my husband was unwilling to clean house or do the dishes, since that is "women's work", He did massage my back, which after the first day of absolute pain felt really nice.
And right now I am feeling so great I am outside on the Veranda enjoying a Strawberry Mojito (haven't taken any medication pills since this morning so I figure it's a okay) and watching the kids play outside.
 While I catch up on all of my internet going ons.  Gotta Go, Thanks for all of the kind wishes. Hugs!

I don't have pictures of my finish since my camera is downstairs and I dare not ask my husband to look for it.  You see yesterday at lunch time I put my back out getting off of the Vespa, I didn't think it was to bad at first but I couldn't move for the last 24 hours, the husband is mad that I didn't do the dishes before my back went out, lol.  I have a few pre-finished pictures and as soon as I am well enough to go downstairs to grab the camera, I will put up new pictures.
These suitcases were a pain in the a.... to make, I will write more later also, my back is killing me sitting here.
But must enter since I missed last month.

The before pictures, linking to A Lovely Year of Finishes, really gotta go lay down again.


  1. hope your back feels better soon, Mara!

  2. Hope your back slips back into place sooner rather than later. Maybe some ice or heat would help.

  3. Oh Mara hope your back gets better soon. Your package arrived yesterday - thank you so so much. I absolutely love it. The pendant is gorgeous - can't wait to get a chain for it and I will enjoy wearing it :-)

  4. Sorry for you kiddo, I was wondering why I havent seen ya.. I came to look at your plus quilt. wishing you well. I am going to my aunts house for a sew feast again. xo

  5. Can't wait to see them! I hope your back is better. :)

  6. oh no, Aurifil wasted?! Grrr! I love the bags, they are so cute :) and I'm so glad your back is better!

  7. love it! what an ambitious project!!!! I have that pattern as well, but I have not dared to make it.

  8. Valient effort on the cases, they can't be an easy thing to make! I'm going to pretend I didn't read that about your husband's sexist views. I dread to think what he'd do if he lived with me. I work full time so as far as I'm concerned, being female doesn't resign me to the housework.

  9. keep resting Mara. Backs often take a while to heal. Those suitcases are amazing!