Thursday, May 22, 2014

Winners and a Win!

I had 2 winners for my SMS giveaway days and I don't know if you remember about me saying ONE HAD to be International, well I didn't have to worry about it because both winners are.
I picked this out for the Greek Butterflies Package:
Dana from Tel Aviv Israel said "I love blue and purple (both light or dark) or yellow - and if not- than I have faith that you choose your taste, I'm sure it will be beautiful :)"  Well now thanks to her, I am totally digging dark blue with yellow, from the bottom we have a F8th of Riley Blake Large Gingham in Yellow and Dark Blue, then we have a F8 AGF Sugar Flashy Wheels(yellow) and Dear Stella (blue) and 2 FQ's AGF Nature Elements (yellow) and again Dear Stella (blue), this is about as scrappy as you will see me, lol, I have the hardest time mixing things up, but I still love how this package turned out, it also went with some matching ΠΕΤΑΛΟΥΔΑΣ (Butterflies) thread, that I picked out.
Plus HST's on a Roll and some extra purple charms, cause I roll like that.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My next winner Martina lives in Switzerland!  All packages have been shipped out, Thank you to everyone who entered and stay tuned for another giveaway happening in June.

As for my wins, I thought I didn't win anything other than the awesomeness of checking out some new blogs.  Did you see the girl who used an IKEA cardboard box to make an extension table for her sewing machine, she shows you how here.  And this wonderful blogger answered my question about how she finishes her embroidery hoop art, plus she sent me 2 other tutorials, here and here.
But then Tuesday morning I got THE e-mail, the one I looked for all weekend, I had won something and not just something but some awesomeness, a handmade goodie, my favorite kind of win and this is from a gal who quilts like Angela Walters, it is soooo AMAZING.   You have to check out her Radiant Orchid Challenge entry, the quilt is double sided and then her LONE STAR QUILT, just blows me away, I had put this on my Inspiration board when it came out and now I get a piece of her FMQ artwork.
Thank You Renee of Quilts of A Feather!
Your pouch will be treasured and a cool part is she lives in Albuquerque, I went to High School in Albuquerque and we visited the old home town when I took my husband and kids to the States last November.


  1. Congrats to the winners and lovely prizes for both! :)

  2. Lucky girls! Love these two colours together!

  3. Congrats.. she does gorgeous FMQ.. I know you and you'll love it..

  4. I finally got it in the mail today! Hopefully get to you in about two weeks? And hopefully things don't get too beat up in transit.