Sunday, July 27, 2014

Liberty Fabrics

We went on a small trip on Tuesday and headed up north of Greece towards the Kavala area, I will share some beach pictures at the end if you want to take a peak.  On Thursday morning my husbands cell phone rang and it was the post office, a package arrived, so later when my husband asked if we should stay another night or if we should go back home, I said "Let's go back home", secretly wanting to be able to pick up my package on Friday :)
It was a good think that we headed  back though cause our rooms to rent ended up being full that night and my husband had to clean 5 rooms on Friday morning.
My packages:
A surprise needlebook gift from Shelley made with some of the pink and brown fabrics I sent her (she was one of my Big Birthday Bash winners).
a little house needlebook and a cute doggie card from
The inside with bonus needles and 6 pages of felt, I can store massive amount of needles!
Thank you Shelley, this package was unexpected and such a fun little delight to receive the needlebook is so cute and I can't wait to copy it and send out my own surprise packages!

 The other package was some Liberty fabrics I had ordered from Very Berry Handmade (Ali) on Etsy, she also has a Folksy site.  I had plans on using the fabric for my Strawberry swap partner, because my previous partner in a swap said she liked Liberty prints but I didn't have any so it got me looking at Liberty fabrics and then I just happened to find 2 with strawberries in them, but it ends up that my strawberry swap partner likes modern low volume and text fabrics instead, so these fabrics will now be for me :)
Nancy Ann (lilac)
 The 2 strawberry Liberty of London Tana Lawn prints.
Strawberry Thief
CLOSE UP.  See the little strawberry thief hiding there.
Nancy Ann (lilac), Phoebe (pink), Mitsi Valeria (red, cream), Fairford (dark blue), and Newland (blue).
These are all 9"X12" pieces, I also got her package of 70 1" hexagons (they make 3/4" hexies)  I am so glad I did, cause I don't think I will be able to cut anything other than a straight line on the prints above, the fabric is so thin.
 Already cut and in a cute zippered bag to boot, Awesome!

Many different Liberty fabrics, I told her what colors I was looking for and she put together this little bundle.

Let's talk about the fabric:  It's kind of like when you are used to drawing on and cutting cardstock (Kona solids) and then you go to drawing on and cutting printer paper (AGF fabrics), then someone tells you to go and draw on and cut TISSUE PAPER, that is what Liberty Tana Lawn fabric feels like, tissue paper.  I think I will start with my pre-cut hexies and have some fun with those, before I dare cut into my "yardage", haha.

Linking up to Sunday Stash.

And here is a beach that I give 9* to, it is the perfect beach for kids, the water is fairly calm, it is warm, and not very deep for a really long while.

See the darker blue out there by the end of land sticking out, that is how far you can walk out and for an adult it just goes to the waist, my 6 year old son was able to go out that far with out help, my daughter needed a little more help.  A few waves but not to rough.


  1. beautiful new Liberty :-) I just used some of those hexies to make a table runner - just wrote it up on my blog :-)

  2. Love all of the strawberry fabrics and those precut hexies are too cute! Looks like you'll have lots of fun with them.

  3. The beach looks incredible! Great treats in the post, I love liberty lawn too!

  4. I love the beach...... hhhmmmm , I am not a fan of LL fabrics but I have seen some pretty stuff done especially in EPP..

  5. I'm not crazy about Liberty but the beach looks awesome!