Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June Goals and a Giveaway!

I'm a Procrastinator, are you a Procrastinator, please tell me you are? 
I finished my last months Goals exactly on the 30th with just time to spare to take them to the post office, my friend had been expecting them for over a month.
3 Little Boy Suitcases
So as an apology for being so late and such a procrastinator I am making her a little something with my embroidered feather and also some luggage tags to go with the suitcases.  Those will be in the mail this month too, as long as I don't do anymore procrastinating :)
Then on top of that, I lost a clutch I had made and didn't like so I wanted to give it away, I found someone willing to take it and then had the great idea to box the corners and asked her if it was okay, she said sure, well I put it aside to do and then LOST IT!  I couldn't find it anywhere, where in the world did I put that darn clutch, well it was so flat, I had put it away with some fabric and didn't see it.  I finally found it while searching for some fabric for my charity quilt.
It looks so much cuter all boxed up.  First Finish of the Month.

I boxed the corners and can now finally after 2 months send it off to the wonderful gal who will give it some love.  I hope she enjoys it.
Now I NEED to finish 2 Charity quilts in 2 weeks, as part of the European Sibling Together bee, I really am not good at the whole getting the quilt top quilted part, so this should be fun.
I made a quilted bag for the girls charity quilt and I would like to do the same for the boys, so that maybe they can go to a brother and sister.  I made a tutorial for the bag above if you are interested, you can find it here.
I bet you are waiting for the giveaway, here I am all Procrastinating again, lol, just kidding my big Birthday Bash Giveaway starts on Thursday June 5th.  But today you can go and enter in my friends giveaway that she is having over on her blog and it ends June 5th, so hurry up and check it out, plus check out her procrastination project that she finished up lickety split.  Go visit Shirley Tener at SimpleSew and see what she is sewing up.

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  1. Wow, 2 Charity quilts in 2 weeks is quite a goal. But a worthy one. Hope you get it done!!

  2. Ooh...that little pouch turned out really well boxed! It's beautiful Mara! Good luck with your finishes, can't wait to see!

  3. You might procrastinate, but you still got a lot finished! Darling little suitcases. I'm glad your clutch went to a good home. It's lovely.

  4. Thank you Mara for telling my secret, I am not a procrastinator, I just like working under pressure, LOL.. The bags turned out great.. Thank you Daryl, Erin, and Sandy for your vote. Mara dont procrastinate ( I had to spell check that work, how do you say it in Greek??) about our Bricks, Erin will not play with us. LOL.. hope your back is better, I am starting Vacation early, you know what that means.. Cocktail time. xoxox

  5. Those embroidered feathers are going to be gorgeous! The suitcases turned out so cute too! Not to mention the how cute the boxy clutch is. You've been busy! Are you a June baby too? :)

  6. I am definitely a procrastinator. A friend of mine (that's also a procrastinator) and I always say if you wait long enough to do something it may just go away. That applies to some things that have to be done but not all. :)

  7. I really like the idea of the quilted bag for the quilt. Your embroidery looks beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more!