Sunday, June 8, 2014

Birthday Packages-Sunday Stash Style!

I got 2 packages during my Birthday Week!  Awesome Packages, if you are visiting from Sunday Stash make sure to go and enter my Big Birthday Bash Giveaway!, you don't have to be a follower, if you are a fellow Sunday Stasher, since I consider you my Sunday newspaper and visit you weekly, I hope you feel the same way and come to visit me whenever I link up!
First a Big ol' Box of goodies from Renee of Quilts of a Feather, I won her SMS giveaway quilted pouch.  It is so SO pretty and fun of little surprises!  And was packed full of goodies.
The quilted pouch, I know it is hard to see, but each box is a little insect!
Big box of goodies, 1 Hot Tamales is missing :)

Renee lives in New Mexico, she asked me if I missed anything from my home state (I went to High School and College in NM)  I said I missed Green Chili and wished it could be mailed but that would be crazy, but look she did it!!!  2 cans of delicious HATCH Green Chili, I cooked up the mild first and made Green Chili Stew, yummy!
The husband said it wasn't hot enough so next time I will use the Hot Can.
Pretty wooden spools, my first!!

A pattern that I already have plans for.

Red Chili Chocolate and a Lid for my "SWEET TEA" (insert Texas accent)
A spool of thread, that will go great with Essex linen, bobbin keepers and a FriXion pen

And she even found a card and the designer's name is Mara, how COOL is THAT!!
Renee, Thank you so Much for your very large and fun filled box of goodies, oh wait I forgot to show you the fabric she sent too!  Yep, she even sent fabric, now this is really cool, have you seen this kind of fabric before?
Blueprinting or cyanotype, she uses the softest fabric, it has a great hand, almost like Art Gallery Fabric.
A beautiful rich glowing red.
The same material used for the interior of the pouch a FQ

And everyone can use more chevron prints in their stash, right?

Thanks Renee!!

From Amanda at What the Bobbin?  I got my package of Christmas Brick Squares right on my birthday, it was a wonderful surprise, especially since the mail man normally doesn't come on Thursday's but he did this time.
Christmas brick swap fabrics.
I asked her if she could pick up some Rainbow Loom bands for my kids and this is what she picked up.
7 Packages, not only did she get them on sale, but she also used a coupon!  My kind a gal, Thanks Amanda, my kids are loving all of the new colors and I have already whipped up 6 bracelets.
I also had some rulers mailed to her that were on sale and had free US shipping so she could fill up my package,
The Hex N More and the Northern Lights Pattern by Jaybird Quilts, I thought would work perfectly with my Mixteca Fabric.
An Inchie See and Inchie Do ruler, I have a plan for this with my American Made Brand Solids, Spooler Spindles and a Binding tool ruler (I have heard these are awesome, and I need all the help I can get with my bindings)  All purchased at The Premium Sewing Outlet.

Now the Spooler Spindles, I was looking for a way for me to keep more organized, well they kind of work, on small spools, but not on large Aurifil or Guterman small spools
But they do work on the small Aurifil and my Greek Butterfly (Petaloudas) thread.
I kind of like the bobbin keepers that Renee sent better, but as soon as I buy more bobbins (I only have 5) I think I will enjoy the spooler spindles also, especially if I make one in every small Aurifil color I have, that would look so pretty.

Well that's it for my lovely Sunday Stash packages this week, it was so much fun photographing and petting everything!  Thanks Renee and Amanda for sending me such fantastic and fun things.  Oh and if you are wondering what happened to the other Hot Tamale Box......
All gone and eaten ;)
 Don't forget to enter the Big Birthday Bash Giveaway if you haven't, I will be adding something more later in the week so stay tuned :)


  1. Such a wonderful goodies. Enjoy your gifts and hope you have a year full of happiness!!

  2. What a fun pile of stuff! What's your plan for the wooden spools?

  3. Lucky girl! Everything is either useful, beautiful or yummy!

  4. What fun packages! Happiest birthday to you!

  5. The pouch is just lovely, and you had lots of other wonderful treats too. Happy birthday. x

  6. Happy Birthday dear Mara, to both of you!

  7. I'm SO glad everyone arrived safely...and on your birthday! Renee is so awesome. Her quilting is nothing short of awesome. Your girl is such a cutie pie! Glad your kids are enjoying the bandz. Let me know if you guys need more. I'll keep my eye out for when they go on sale again.

  8. I'm so glad you like everything! I liked making the contents a surprise so I could customize it a little for the winner. Did you make tortillas? Your stew looks tasty! My dad likes to make a big pot for Thanksgiving or Christmas. The wooden spools are from my grandma, she used to sew household things back in the 50s-60s.