Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Some New Things

I ran across 2 new linky parties, they sound so fun, 1 is new and the other one, I hadn't heard of, maybe you have.
Saturday Swap - Is a great place to share a swap you are working on or maybe have received, plus you can talk about swaps that are coming up or that maybe you are even hosting.
I love swaps, in fact I am working on my Needle book swap, so far the front is looking like this.
flower smocking with fresh water pearls.
I finally started to figure out the whole flower smocking part, by my 10 flower, so that's why the top row looks so good.  I am hoping overall it will look cute, but now to figure out if I want to do pink or red inside.

Ohh and look I just found this new swap, sounds so pretty and fun.
The Big Stitch Swap

The second linky party I found was Friday Night Sew In (FNSI the rules), so sometime during the week you write a post about your Friday night plans (sewing wise, if you have a hot date, well a tad envious here, haven't had a date with my husband in 7 plus years) Then Friday night you do some sewing and on Saturday you write another post about how your work went.  Link up for this week is here, and then that means on Saturday I can link up there and also on SewJo Saturday.

Now if you are really into linky parties then you should check out Nesta's full page of them, she has like all of them listed, it is a great resource for feeling likable linked.  Go over to Ella & Nesta's Little Room.
The other thing I am working on is
My feather, almost done, just have the tip to finish.
But I got a little side tracked because I'm making a new bag, the Sugar & Spice bag from Chris W. Designs, hoping to get it done by Friday for her photography challenge.
Going with my new color love, blue and yellow.
Have you seen the way I like to do my zippers, I cut off the end, you can see it a little in this photo, where I am "auditioning" the zippers.
I have decided to go with the middle blue (zipit color Bright Blue), since I have a smaller zipper in that color for the inside pocket.
colors look much better as real ones and not on paper.
Some really great news, I have been in contact with Candice over at American Made Brands Solids and the Farm to Fabric Challenge can be opened to International guest as long as you have an American address to send the quilt to if it gets picked for the Challenge.  Sweet!
Okay that's it for me today, linking to WIP at Freshly Pieced.


  1. Blue and yellow (with a touch of white) is my all time favorite color combination. :) There are so many fun linky parties out there.

  2. i haven't seen your feather before. Looks pretty awesome!

  3. Your smocking is gorgeous and I love the feather. I have signed up for FNSI too - so will look to see what you have done. xx

  4. Thank you for "linking" to my linky page! ;) Glad it's useful. I see I'm going to have to update it because you've found some more very interesting events in Blogland! Love how your feather is coming along.

  5. Omg that feather is gorgeous!

  6. Mara, that smocking is GORGEOUS! I love it on the grey. And I also love your feather - you are so busy!

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