Saturday, June 21, 2014

Calling all Europeans

Well everyone is invited and this post is a little all over the place so hang on.
Today is the last day to enter in my Big Birthday Bash Giveaway.
Let's talk swaps first, I want to start a European version of the F8 Fabric Swap that started in the States, by Laurel of Drowning in Fabric.  She also just started a Weekly linky party on Saturday just for talking about Swaps.
Okay let's talk the European F8th Fabric Swap:
  1. There will be 8 spots for each swap, if more people are interested we can do more than 1 group of 8.
  2. Each month will have a theme, this is what I was thinking of for right now, July-Text prints, August-Low Volume, September-Halloween/Black & White, any suggestions will be helpful.
  3. Purchase 1 yard each of 2 different prints for a total of 2 yards (you might even have 2 yards of 2 different prints in your stash) and cut into 8 pieces each, for a total of 16 pieces.
  4. Okay more rules for later, what do you think?  Anyone interested, shipping shouldn't be to bad to send 2 yards to Greece and it cost less than 5euros for me to send it back to you, plus you will get some really cool Greek stamps!
I want to share this fabric.
 Would you like some of this pretty Adornit print, talked about it last Sunday Stash, it has a really pretty hand and great words.
These are also all 1 yard cuts, starting from the top left, Timeless Treasures Fabrics (black and white) crossword puzzle, ABC words for VIP fabrics (black and white with a splash of some rainbow), bottom left, "Back Talk" by Maria Kalinowski for Canvas (black and white), "Wordplay" by Michele D'Amore for Benartex (light green w/ brown and cream sewing words).

Any body interested in a swap!

Still speaking of Swaps, I am participating in Amy's Need a needle book swap, and last night during my Friday Night Sew In (FNSI), I put it together, just a sneaky peeky photo for now.
I also worked on my feather last night and I hope to finish today and show you tomorrow. It was a great time at my FNSI, I drank a whole pitcher of "sweet tea" (insert Texas accent), and also watched my favorite show "Person of Interest".  My partner who is sending to me, the lovely Sheri of Sunshine in the Attic, has finished my needlebook also, in fact she did 2 and gave me a choice of which one, go check them out, she even put zippers on the inside, really beautiful work on both, it was a hard decision, can't wait till it comes in the mail.
I had a Friday finish also, (photo heavy), it was for the Chris W Designs Photographic Contest.
Tell me what photo you like:
This is the one I sent in!
 But there were so many others, I really need to get into shape again, my upper arms, grrr...I used to be a massage therapist and had great upper arms.
 My husband directed and took these photos of me,the bag and the Vespa!

 My daughter took the photos of use at the coffee shop, theses 2 are the same photo, just different PicMonkey effects.
I really liked this one, that she took.
And would have loved to send in this one that I took of her.
So which one do you like?
Chris wanted a person in the photos to show the scale of the bag.  Here are some close-ups of just the bag.
 Her patterns are excellent with lots of photos, but the best part is that she also has a section with just the Text Only Instructions for Printing, it is in black and white so it doesn't use up all of the colors on my printer and is only a few pages, versus the over 60 some in the PDF.
Inside fabric, "Spa" by Deb Strain
 I originally wanted to make an interior zipper pocket, but my yellow fabric that I used for the piping was a scrap piece and I ended up not having enough for the bottom piping of the bag, so I had to use the fabric that I was going to use for the pocket for the bottom exterior piping.
 I omitted the 2 exterior slip pockets for the back, I like the big design on the fabric.
 This is an Emmaline "handmade" metal bag label, makes the bag look so professional, along with the metal rings and I also added purse feet.
I used the Lovely Aurifil thread, Yellow Varigated 4658 50wt, and a China blue that perfectly matched the blue Dear Stella fabrics, 2725 40wt.
This pattern was pretty tough with the piping, but would be a lot easier if I had a machine that I could move the needle, it was pretty hard to get close to the edge of the piping, but I love it and I think it will look great for dressing up or for just going about town.  What is really awesome is that my dear friend Shirley of Simple Sew got this for me, and I had pinned it on Pinterest over 50 weeks ago, I loved the look of the bag and couldn't believe that you could sew it up and look at that over a year later, I sewed myself a Sugar and Spice bag, from Chris W. Designs.

I feel like I wanted to talk about something else but I can't remember, linking up to all of these fantastic linky parties.
Saturday Swap
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Have a great weekend.
Tell me if you are interested in the Fabric Swap.


  1. Ooh, I love your bag! Thanks for linking up and let me know if you need any help/advice with your swap! It did take some work to get the first swap running, but then I got some (Ever changing) regulars and word spread, etc... still, some take longer to fill than others, but I haven't had to cancel one yet (fingers crossed). Good luck!

  2. What a lovely bag, and a stunning effect against the red Vespa! Greetings from Athens. Christine

  3. the bag is absolutely gorgeous! love the fabric you chose for it. As for pictures, I don't know--I'm horrible with picking pictures!

  4. Thanks for the email! Even though I love your text-fabric, I have nothing in my stash that I haven't cut into and thought there used to be a quilting store near me, I found that it closed recently. I'm going to think about it and I think I'd definitely join in for a colorful/flowery or kid's fabric swap. ;) I do love getting mail.

    How would postage and such be arranged then? Paypal?? I, for one, cannot get euro-stamps here...

    1. Excellent points, if it is something we don't have in our stash we could do a combined order/shipping and divide the cost with Paypal? Does that sound like something anyone would be in to?

  5. Oh I have never done a swap and would absolutely love too, but like Jolien, I have no low volume/text print in my stash and my local shop is pretty useless, I'd end up having to order from the UK or USA but I'm so so so tempted.

  6. I'm afraid I can't sign up to a swap at the moment because life is getting in the way. Maybe another time?

  7. What a beautiful bag - and cute little picture taker! So many lovely pictures.... Impossible to choose just one! Well done!

  8. I do love your photos and the chic bag. My favorite is the one your daughter took-- it's very artistic. Sweet little elephant embroidered on your needle book!

  9. I'm in a birthday swap this year and it has been so fun. That bag is so cute! I vote the first or second photo--they show the size of the bag the best.

  10. Love your swap idea, I'm on a fabric fast so won't join in! Thanks for linking up with Sunday Stash

  11. I would join your swap, except the cheapest thing in the exchange would be the postage. Fabric prices here make me want to cry :/.

    My favourite photo is actually the one with the bag hanging on the Vespa on its own, near the end.

  12. Great fabric for bag. I can almost feel the sun and sea :-) Nice pics, I like the one on table with you in blurry background.

  13. That bag is just stunning. You have got some mad skills.

  14. I think I might be interested, though it depends on how it works - for example, I definitely don't want any halloween fabric so would I be able to sit that month out? In most cases I'd have to buy something which would mean online shopping so might also be interested in your idea above

  15. So many gorgeous photos I couldn't possibly choose just one! Your bag is totally gorgeous. It's so professionally finished. Love the metal 'handmade' label... a real touch of class! Hey.. there is nothing wrong with your upper arms... whereas mine ... there are times when I feel I am genetically related to a flying squirrel !! Have fun.....xx

  16. Good luck with your swap! I like the photo #3, you look like you're about to take off with Robert DeNiro.

  17. Love those text prints. And that bag is fabulous!

  18. Such fun pictures! I've never ridden a vespa. I want to!

  19. What a very cool bag, and a fun day with your daughter!

  20. Your daughter is a very talented photographer! You look great on that Vespa! How lucky to have a red one. Great to hear of a swap over here. I agree there is a problem with the price of fabric here in Italy too. Are you suggesting buying fabric online and having it delivered in one place. Then we pay local postage through paypal? Do you think an online shop might "sponsor" a large order reducing the cost of postage?

  21. CONGRATS! You have WON my photographic competition! :)