Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mixteca Lights

It first started with the Fabric.
A Half Yard Bundle of Organic Mixteca.
I love the angles and bold prints and wild colors.
What could I do with these fabrics that would give them justice.
And a place to shine all on their own.
I was following along with the Sew Sweetness Jaybird Quilts Sew Along
and then I saw it, the perfect pattern,
it had angles, and big blocks so you could see the fabric,
it was perfect!
Northern Lights!
Here is my version
Mixteca Lights! 
the wind kept picking it up in the corner.
 I did a poll the last few days and I got some very
creative help, the fabric was a little busy all together
so I sewed in some sashing between the rows.
Thank you creative team collaborators!
I could only iron it today, totally forgetting that today
was the last day of my son's Kindergarten and so
we had party time this morning and not mommy
sewing time, we did take the quilt top on a walk
to find the perfect photo shoot area.
We have this great old rock house ruins in our nieghborhood
I wanted to climb the walls but our Greek neighbor started yelling about
snakes and the heat of the day, yes, they really like to be in your business.
The angle of the old walls remind me of the angles in the quilt.
 The colors are so bright and vibrant, just like nature.
 I made sure to match up the birds heads, don't want any chopped off heads.
 See the angles inside of the  prints match perfectly with the angles of the quilt pattern.
Did I tell you how really awesome the Hex N More Ruler is,
It's Awesome!

Quilt Stats:
This is the Baby Size
with half inch sashing between the blocks
Pieced with Aurifil 50wt 2600 (my favorite a lt. grey)
can't wait to quilt it this summer!

Linking to the Jaybird Quilts Sew Along at Sew Sweetness.
SewJo Saturday
and Show Off Saturday.


  1. wow you really did line those heads up nicely! great quilt :)

  2. Nice pics. Those fabrics look really lovely in detail.

  3. I LOVE this with the sashing. I wouldn't have thought of that. It looks fabulous, and I love the bold prints. I've only ever done this pattern in solids, but I'd really like to try it in prints next time. :)

  4. Those bird's heads are amazing! I hate it when neighbours keep on sticking their beaks (pun intended) in ;0)

  5. Nice idea to have the sashing, it does break up the prints :)

  6. Nice job! I love the Hex N More ruler.

  7. This quilt is craziness, haha, so I love how to added the thin grey between to keep them all kinda sane.

  8. What a great finish! You're right, the perfect pattern and the solid in between finished it off perfectly!

  9. Thank you for the photos, it looks even more beautiful in the "heat of the day". I can't believe how you managed to match the birds heads. Incredible!

  10. Oh my,this turned out beautifully! That sashing is a nice touch to the quilt. Lovely photos too Mara.

  11. There's something sort of like lightning or fireworks or something about this with all those colours and prints... crazy, but in a fun way :D

  12. oh the quilt is lovey, and so is your neighborhood....Love the photos you have added to your blog...The kids I hope will have a good summer....

  13. I LOVE the idea of adding in the grey. What a fun quilt top! Nice work :)