Thursday, June 26, 2014


I know it is Thursday, at least I think it is Thursday?  Since Nik isn't going to school I loose track of time, well I am just so darn glad I got all of this in the mail.
Oh Yeah all of those packages left the house today, my 4 giveaway packages, 2 just cause I like you packages, 1 swap, 1 PIF (Pay It Forward) and some cash I owe a good friend.
Very Heavy!  Costing 44euros or like $60 some dollars!
Now you are really lucky if you are getting something, cause my daughter wanted to open them back up, lol, I had a hard time convincing her that these "packages" were for OTHER people and not for her.
1 package contained the 4 FQ's that I put together for Natasha, I am so glad I asked her for more details in her favorite colors (aqua and grey) cause she sent me to her Pinterest board and she has the cutest fun prints pinned.  So I really hope you like these fabrics.
4 FQ's and 2 Threads from Greece

 "Adventures" by Stephanie Wright for RJR Fabrics, "Everything But The Kitchen Sink" for RJR Fabrics, and "Apple Jack" by Tim Beck for Moda.
 Plus some Valori Wells "Metamor-Stonewash", now she asked if there was any Greek designers, and although I do not think there are, I do know that Anne Marie Horner is of Greek ancestry, and at first I was totally thinking this was an AMH print and then found out it wasn't, but it fit her colors so well, that I decided to go with it anyway, hope you like it!
Full picture of the FQ, it is a very "Large" print.
Plus Butterfly Fabric and Butterfly Thread just go together!
I also sent out a little surprise and my first attempt at making a fabric postcard.
Get It!  Tou-Can Party, the name of the bird on the fabric is a Toucan!
 I won't show you the other side, it is a surprise!
I also sent out this little surprise.
Again only showing a little, the full reveal will happen next week!

And letting you in on a deal, make sure to go over to Massdrop, yes if you follow this link and sign up, then I might get a package in the mail, yippeee!!!!
 Okay so Massdrop is having a super deal on Aurifil Threads, this is a small box of Tula Pink's Collection, you will be getting a large box!! with 12 spools (the small boxes only have 10)  9 of the 12 are shown above, they are ALL variegated threads, you just have to play with them, although my favorite the one below is not included, so sad, as you can see it is on the machine having quilted the above projects is almost gone, boohoo..
Aurifil 4660

My other fav is the pretty variegated yellows of 4658
They also have 3 other boxes that you can choose from, but Tula's has all of the Variegated threads, the 2 extra though are not variegated.  The price is $79 and in the US you get free shipping so that comes out to $6.70 a spool, you won't find a cheaper price and even with the $13 shipping to Greece it still comes out to a good deal at $7.75 a spool.
So be sure to go over and check out Massdrop and see the good deal on Aurifil and read my friend Erin's post if you are looking for a new Iron!

One of my favorite sayings is "Go Big or Go Home"  they are doing another poll for the Aurifil boxes on Massdrop, so if none of the boxes above tickle your fancy then you post another one on the poll, go here for the Aurifil kits part 2 poll, have fun.

Linking to these good linky's - New to Me in June - for the fabric post card.
Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday - on Friday.
and maybe some others, will post when I do.
Have a great weekend, oh and if you get a package from me, be sure to save the stamps, they are from Greece!!!


  1. Hurray for getting all those packages in the mail! I've been seriously thinking about that Tula Pink box on massdrop, I don't have any variegated Aurifil yet...but I just bought small basics collection and don't really NEED any thread. But gah, at $6.50 a spool! Will have to think about it some more.

  2. I love the fabric postcard. I was wondering whether to join in a Postcard QAL being run at A Quilter's table. Looks like fun. I love the Aurifil too. My favourite thread for piecing.

  3. Love your mail bag! That yellow variegated Aurifil is my favourite too!

  4. Lots of fun packages, fabric parcels are always the best to receive. x

  5. You've been super busy and organised! Your sewing friends are going to be very happy to receive your packages :)

  6. you've been busy! I hate that postage adds up so quickly. I always have to explain to my daughter that the packages are for other people too! haha girls!

  7. your great at breaking down cost. but I cant believe thats a good deal on thread, I wish I had the money to partiake, I wanted to do the iron so bad but need a plumber, that seems to happen when I need a new iron. I always save the stamps, been saving for a while to use in some mix media projects.

  8. I love your fabric postcard, I am sure the recipient will too!

    Thanks for linking up to New to Me too.

  9. you are so sweet and so generous Mara. The postcard is super cute :-)

  10. Oh gosh, somehow I missed this email with the link to this post! Thank you so much! I love all the fabrics and can't wait to use them :) :)